Cal H |  Designer, Jeweller & Laser Cutting Specialist

Areas of expertise 

Jewellery Technology;

  • Laser Cutting in a variety of materials such as Acrylic, Wood and Textiles.

  • Sublimation Techniques on Acrylic

  • 3D Printing

  • Jewellery Design

  • Inkscape (Laser Cutting Design software)

  • Set & Theatre Design

  • Costume Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Experienced Tutor

Butterflies_Laser Cut wood jewellery
Butterflies_Laser Cut wood jewellery

Tutor images.

Earrings Laser Cut  jewellery CHP
Earrings Laser Cut jewellery CHP
Birds Necklace_Laser Cut Acrylic jewelle
Birds Necklace_Laser Cut Acrylic jewelle
Skull Laser Cut Acrylic ood jewellery
Skull Laser Cut Acrylic ood jewellery


Cal is a graduate of Birmingham City University in Theatre Design Cal, who has now developed her expertise and creative work using technology for Costume /Textiles specifically into Jewellery Design. As a designer maker she has a wide range of experience in a variety of creative areas, allowing her versatility in design development.

In particular Cal has extensive experience in the use of Laser Cutting design software and the use of Laser Cutting technology specific to Jewellery, which includes Sublimation (Printing Designs directly onto Acrylic for Jewellery Making).

Her own work combines the use of retrospective shapes in a contemporary context by intricately laser cutting designs into beautiful interesting and bespoke Jewellery work.


She has a wide range of teaching experience, as well as teaching short courses she has also taught 3D Design and Technology at Secondary Education level for many years.

Cal's course tuition also includes development of designs into a vector file using Inkscape, which is the software compatible for instructing a Laser to cut components or shapes and engrave patterns or imagery for Jewellery Designs. 



Learn from Cal 

To check the availability of Cal and to obtain a quote for a one-to-one tuition session with her, make an enquiry or contact Dawn Meaden-Johnson at bespoketraining@virginmedia.com

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