Carrie M / Wireworking Specialist Jeweller

Areas of expertise 
  • Wire Working 

  • Wire Weaving 

  • Wire Wrapping


Tutor Carrie is a creative who has following artistic pathways throughout her life, initially beginning with learning Embroidery as a child from her Grandmother and Mother to studying Textile Design and Fabric Printmaking to eventually becoming a Jewellery Maker.

With a passion for collating and collecting of vintage costume Jewellery and organically formed beads throughout all of her life, Carrie was compelled to use and display her precious bead collection and with a natural eye for detail Carrie began using wireworking and wire weaving techniques to showcase their potential and beauty.

For the last 20 years Carrie has been developing her jewellery skills by exploring traditional silver jewellery making skills and practising/researching  a variety of other crafts, always continuing to collect antique and vintage jewellery and beads.

Being awarded “Runner up”  of a prestigious jewellery making  award in 2014 led to her being approached to undertake a trade based and still ongoing jewellery project by a well-known jewellery company.

Interestingly Carrie’s passion for using only natural materials/beads in her jewellery is juxtaposed with her delight in the interaction of the inanimate objects and the patterns present in modern daily life. Abstracts of these shapes inspire her intricate beautiful wire work and wire weave jewellery designs.

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Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

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To check Carrie's availability and to obtain a quote or information about a 1-day one-to-one session with her, email Dawn Meaden-Johnson at


Introduction to Wire Weaving
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Introduction to Wire Working
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An informal  Consultancy is available for Jewellery Designer Makers in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter or please make a virtual meeting request.

Please email  Dawn Meaden-Johnson for information.


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