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Jewellery Tutor Collette W Course Enquiry Form

Dawn Meaden-Johnson | Ask me about a jewellery course of interest to you| Available via www.bespokejewellerytraining

I'm Dawn and I work with Collette to help her arrange her bespoke private tuition courses.

Please make your course enquiry on the form below.


At this stage there is no obligation to book because we understand you need all the facts before deciding if a course is right for you.


Best wishes,

Dawn Meaden-Johnson

Founder The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company

With over 25 years experience, award winning Jeweller Collette has a very succcesful Jewellery business. Her work is available nationally in a wide range of contemporary Jewellery stores, well know high street retailers, galleries and museums.

A combination of traditional skills, use of industry technology and business acumen can be attributed to the success of her Jewellery Business.

Jewellery Tutor Collette W

- At work in her studio located in the heart of Birmingham


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