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Need a Jewellery Course Tutor ?...

Ask me to find you a jewellery course tutor that has proven jewellery industry experience.

£52 Flat Fee


If I cannot find a tutor to fit your brief I will not charge you for my research time.

How does this service work?

​If I find a tutor based on your critera. I will get in touch with them and make an inital enquiry about their interest in working at your general location.

​If I recieve a positive response from the tutor as per your requirements I will then email you and advise accordingly - if you wish to proceed I will ask you to pay the fee in order to obtain the contact details of the tutor.

Depending on your criteria I may suggest more than one tutor specialising in a particular area of expertise, if this happens there is no extra charge.

Who do you want to learn from?


Piercing saw, Jewellery courses; expert tutors, affordable,

Ask me about a particular Goldsmith or Expert, they may be part of  my prestigious team of industry specialists who want ot share their experience with you.



I need to know...


As part of this process I will ask you;


  • Which techniques does the tutor need to teach?


  • At what level is the teaching required? 

       (Beginner Intermediate, Advanced)


  • What is your generallocation/area?


  • ​When do you need the tutor?

You need to know ....


For this service I do not get involved in tutor fees, or employment terms. This is for you and the tutor to discuss and negotiate between you. 


Be re-assured your details will always be kept confidential by me.


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