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I can also help you put together a tailored collection of courses for your training project.

I have divided my training model into seven individual sections.

Because everyone is different, all my clients receive an individual approach best suited to their business needs. just one or the complete training model package..


...make a bespoke selection to suit your project and your budget.

Tailor my advice to suit your budget

Training Model Collection


Whatever your project objective and budget our training models offer you a variety of support options.

And...we can also tailor any of these models for you to make a perfect fit for your requirements.

Model 1 / BASIC / Run a series of short courses

£3795 GBP


Will benefit those with no or little experience of offering a series of short courses, who need to expand their training provision.


  • A tried and tested basic flowchart plan for programme management/ Doc 21

  • Easy to follow financial planning & payments timeline flowchart / Doc 19

  • Course financial viability template Doc 19 & Expenditure log spreadsheet / Doc 12

  • Booking Terms and Conditions guidelines / Doc 28 & Booking Form Template / Doc 1

  • Client: Sales management guidelines for mentoring clients at the booking stage / Doc 23

  • Client: Course attendance register / Doc 2

  • Client: Confirm reservation letter template / Doc 5  &  Client: Confirm course will run letter template /Doc 6 


Model 2 / Programme Development

£150 Per per course aprox. (See more information for further details)


Will be of benefit if you require assistance developing the course content of your programme.


Research: We will undertake research and provide a report which will include a list of suggested courses for your programme that are based on your advised requirements.



  • Tutor: Proposal to teach template / Doc 31

  • Course fee guidelines /Doc 37

  • Our suggestions for a course tutors

Model 3 / Promotion

£2695 GBP


Will be of benefit if you require a brochure to accompany your programme, guidance on managing client training expectations and Market Research collection guidelines.


  • Brochure Design Brief : Example/ Doc 26

  • Brochure design/production schedule flowchart / Doc 20

  • Brochure content layout guidelines / Doc 22

  • Promotional activity suggestions guidelines / Doc 29

  • Qty 2 x Market Research templates / Doc 9 & 10

  • Client Feedback form / Doc 3



Model 4 / Workshop

£1595 GBP


Will benefit you if you need guidelines on minimum workshop equipment /tools for practical training. Health and Safety guidelines. Tutor hiring guidelines.


A starter list of recommended workshop equipment and hand tools for practical jewellery industry courses. 


Important note: To provide the list above we will need you to provide guidance on the type of courses you are likely to include in your training programme.


  • Tutor to client instructions template: tools etc / Doc 4  

  • Tutor to site workshop instructions template / Doc 8

  • Risk Assessment example / Doc 14   &   Health & Safety guidelines / Doc 7



£8695 GBP


PROVIDES / Model 1,2 3, & 4 AND…

PDF manual of easy to follow full instructions in timeline order of project co-ordination.

Including the following additional set of document templates to assist you with the co-ordination of your programme; (Not provided in model 1 to 4)


  • Reservation and planning spreadsheet / Doc 17

  • Client frequently asked questions template / Doc 13

  • Site/Reception /Client Welcome and Housekeeping guidelines / Doc 24

  • Pre course checklist for your tutor / Doc 15

  • Certificate of Course Attendance Template / Doc 16



Model 6 / Platinum Support

£1375 GBP For a 3 month subscription

(Equiv. £15.28 per day)


An additional option for those purchasing Platinum Model 5 only.


Will be of benefit if you would like initial additional support during the implementation and running of your Platinum Programme only.


A 3 months subscription period of email support/guidance from our experienced jewellery training consultant. We will help you find solutions to any issues that may arise during your project.


Can be renewed in 3 month durations if required.



Model 7 / Pre-project Consultation

£455 GBP


A pre-project consultation will benefit you if you are considering implementing a training programme.



Advice about the potential of your project.

Guidelines for beginning the process.

​Press more information below for further details.




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Need advice about a course suitability? Request an informal video chat or a telephone call with our experienced Jewellery training consultant.

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