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2 Hours

An Honourable Jewellery Business

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

Does the way you work MAKE a positive far reaching ethical impact

- on the World

- on People

Listen to a powerful call to action and decide if this will be your future pathway...

An Honourable Jewellery Business
About this Lecture / Seminar
Anyone working in the Jewellery Industry can make changes to the way they work and initiate a more positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and stakeholders etc.
Recent CEO of the British Jewellers’ Association Simon Rainer, has designed this lecture specifically to assist the Jewellery Industry make an informed decision before making any critical business change and to offer guidance as to those changes.

This Jewellery Industry framework is based on the ten-point UN Global Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Simon explains what his Jewellers Social Responsibility framework consists of, clarifies why the framework factors are important and advises how to create your business’s own ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) strategy.

An in-house offering for companies and School's, the purpose of this lecture is to inform how making ethical considerations and undertaking responsible conduct need not be a difficult path for any type of Jewellery business to follow and what the benefits can be for CSR advocates who embrace the principles.

The Jewellers CSR framework discussed is suitable for jewellery businesses working at all levels in the supply chain including designers and makers; manufacturers; stone/bullion dealers; bricks and mortar retailers/galleries, on-line retailers and jewellery students/graduates.


  • Introduction - What is Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Benefits

  • How to adopt

  • Components of the Jewellers Social Responsibility Framework

  • In-house considerations: Structure, Process & People

  • UN Global impact

  • Expectation of Duties

  • External Considerations


Speaker |

Simon Rainer

Date |

Available upon request

Time |

2 hours

Location |

At your request

Subject to speaker agreement

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Simon Rainer has been involved in UK and International jewellery markets for over 25 years. He was Chief Executive of the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA), until its' 2016 merger with the NAG and re-branding as the NAJ (National Association of Jewellers).

During his time at the BJA, Simon was;

- Director of The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)

- An Executive Vice President of The World Jewellery Federation (CIBJO)

- An honorary Member of The London Diamond Bourse


In addition he has worked closely with The British Government, Civil Society, Metropolitan Police and the British Standards Institute.


Simon was also one of the founding partners in the UK Jewellery Ethics Committee, and worked extensively with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office for reform to the Kimberley Process.


In addition to being an industry ambassador for greater transparency in the jewellery supply chain, he has been a champion of the many benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility and he is the author of many industry papers, and produced both the Jeweller’s Social Responsibility Framework and the extensive Jewellery Retailers Handbook.


In 2014 he received the “Outstanding Contribution to the Industry” award at the UK's prestigious Jewellery Awards.



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