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What a seeing a Ring led to...

June 5, 2014


A fabulous image of a ring, piqued my intestest...who made this intricately set piece and how did they do it?


A message later and I was chatting to one of the few Pave Microsetting experts in the UK, he showed me a few other incredible pieces he'd set and told me he'd trained at the world famous Alexandre Diamond Optical Setting School in Antwerp.


...Of course I asked him to join our team of tutors and experts! So now we have two Microsetting tutors and the other is a very Fine Goldsmith and Silversmith as well as a Microsetter.


Pavé Microsetting is the setting of tiny diamonds or gemstones on the surface of a jewellery piece using a microscope. The stones are 'Set' close to each so that no surface metal of the piece is visible. The highly skilled 'Setter' uses a tool called a 'Graver' to expertly carve a  tiny bead of precious metal around each tiny stone to secure it in place.

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