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What is Diamond Mounting?

January 28, 2015

Q   If Diamond mounting is not about mounting or setting diamonds into jewellery - then what is this technique?



Diamond Mounting is the term that jewellers use to describe the process of creating or fabricating the precious metal components which make up a ring or piece of jewellery, including the section that secures the stones in place.



The term Mount can be confusing because it implies you set (Mount) a diamond or stone into a ring, but the mount is actually what you create to set the stone into. 



When all these Mount components are joined together by soldering or laser welding they form the piece of jewellery without any stones in.



The component pieces are split into two main categories;


1. The Shank - The part you put your finger through. 

2. The Setting or Mount - The claw section which holds the stones in place.


The Mount is a fabricated piece usually pierced or of a basket style of construction to allow natural light to reach the stone and enhance its natural beauty and create sparkle.


The skill of the Goldsmith creates an aesthetically pleasing balanced design that enhances the stones cut and clarity and keep it secure when worn. 


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