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Don't think too much:Take action

March 23, 2015


Our Ambition...Do we think too much?


By thinking too much about our ideal for creative work development could we run the risk of self sabotage?


It’s just too easy to let daily work pressure take priority and relegate difficult decisions for developing our work to another day. Or on another level by striving for perfect plans do they become so immense that we are not sure how to actually begin or afford to make them happen?


Just starting with a seedling of an idea for your development could be the most productive way forward. By simply asking yourself, ‘What do I need to learn right now to be better?’ taking action on this small thought now, could pay you dividends later on in your run up to busy seasonal periods.


Small thinking, folloed by small actions can actually make a huge difference to what can be achieved in the long run. Small is usually manageable, realistic and affordable.


By simply adding one new technique to your repertoire could generate a growth of new ideas or perhaps refining your work has the possibility to add more quality and therefore more value.


If you are a Jeweller and you need advice about your professional developmen, please do get in touch, my advice is free of charge.


Best wishes,

Dawn Meaden-Johnson


- Founder of The Bespoke Jewellery Training Co.



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