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What is Keum Boo?

April 15, 2015

Keum Boo (also known as Kum-Boo) is the ancient Korean jewellery technique of richly surface embellishing precious metals with 24ct gold foil, whereby the gold is permanently fused to the surface of the finished item or sheet metal.


Keum boo is typically used an as excellent way of adding gold to silver jewellery to add value and rich tone, but it can also be used on other precious metals such as coloured gold and platinum using slightly different heating strategies.


If Keum boo techniques are applied to sheet silver rather than the finished silver object, additional textures or applied patterns can be achieved afterwards by carefully passing the sheet metal through a rolling mill, these prepared sheet samples can then be used for later fabrication projects.


How to learn Keum Boo Techniques

If you would like to learn Keum boo, this can be achieved in a 1-day one-to-one course with Expert Jeweller and Tutor Katherine Campbell-Legg.

Do get in touch with me if you would like to arrange a 1-day course to learn jewellery techniques for the development of your work.


COURSE: 1-Day : An Introduction to Keum Boo


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