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Meeting Masters

May 31, 2015

It's been an absolute pleasure and incredibly inspiring to meet some of the Goldsmiths and other Masters working in the Jewellery Industry, many of whom have decided to join my national team of expert tutors.


What an amazing pool of creative talent we have in the UK, and they generously want to pass on their skills and share their trade secrets with other makers.


We are all very serious about promoting and practising fine trade practises to ensure the longevity of the jewellery industry. How wonderful that my dream of facilitating Jewellers helping jewellers with their professional development is working out so brilliantly.


It's never been easier to learn new skills from the best from esteemed expert Goldsmiths, Jewellers, Designers and other Jewellery Industry experts.


One-to-one training can be perfectly tailored to your needs.



 Jinks McGrath in her studio

If you would like to learn from Jinks McGrath on 1-day course, one-to-one course please email me.


Best wishes,

Dawn Meaden-Johnson

Founder - The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company



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