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How Creative are you?

June 8, 2015


Making your own creative Mind Map is a great way of really clarifying your strengths as a designer or maker working in the creative industries.


We usually aren’t very good at blowing our own trumpet because we tend to concentrate on what we could be better at than what we are great at.


Taking 5 minutes to create your own map on paper will give you a little confidence boost. Pin it up in your workshop as a reminder of how much you have achieved and what your creative forte is. It doesn’t need to be a work of art…but it could be.


A little glance at your Mind Map on a ‘Blue Monday’ can encourage you to get on and #bebrilliant.

…Here’s mine, done quickly and coloured in!


If you are quiet creative person stuggling to find the confidence to promote your work please contact me for details about a 1-day course with Pete Mosley, Creatives mentor and author of  'The Art of Shouting Quietly - a guide to self promotion for introverts and other quiet souls.' -  A brilliantly helpful guide for all makers.


Best wishes,





  • Course suggestion: Promoting yourself with Confidence - Tutor: Pete Mosley

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