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INSIDER Trade Tips : Polishing Platinum

July 12, 2015

The properties of Platinum can make it a very difficult metal to polish, trade polisher Stephen M Goldsmith shares this quick tip with you.


Insider Tip...

  • Before polishing platinum, prepare it thoroughly by using Wet and Dry paper.

  • Start with grade 2000 and go up as far as you can - without this preparation you will just be polishing your scratches and making them shiny. 

  • Once this is done use a cutting compound to polish with such as NIKKO compound, I recommend 1500 at the moment.

  • Finish off by using PT Platinum Polish (Blue compound).

Polishing Compound supplier:  HS Walsh Ltd


Who shared this Tip?

This Tip of the Trade was generously shared by Stephen M Goldsmith an expert Master Polisher of over 40 years’ trade experience. Originally working for the Crown Jewellers Asprey & Garrard Stephen continues to work in the trade with  well-known society jeweller Theo Fennell amongst others. He has Polished many historical and well known pieces of Jewellery and Silverware.



Want to learn more?

1-day one-to-one Polishing courses are available with Stephen M Goldsmith, email me for further information.



COURSE:  1-Day | Polishing Tips of the Trade for Jewellers and Silversmiths



Best wishes

Dawn Meaden-Johnson

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