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What is Laser Marking/Engraving?

August 15, 2015


Laser Marking is sometimes referred to as Laser Engraving which uses the power of a laser.

The laser beam laser beam precisely alters the surface of the material to produce an accurately engraved mark at the exact point of contact on the  surface of the material it is pointed at.


A CAD Vector design file is created and used by the Laser Marking technology to re-produce a design accurately on the surface of the chosen material. This digital technology is essential for ensuring the trace of the laser beam removes a consistent level of material at a consistent speed.


Because the laser can be so accurately controlled it is possible to create extremely fine and intricate engraved or marked designs or cut out complex or elaborate shapes very accurately.


Depending on the type Laser Marking equipment, engraved designs can created on a variety of materials such as metal, wood and perspex.




COURSE 1-Day  | An Introduction to Laser Cutting / Marking / Engraving

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