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3 Hour


Soutache Embroidered Jewellery Experience

 3 Hours |

All tutors work are either professional jewellers or are jewellery Industry specialists who are willing to share their expertise and making secrets with you.




This informal enjoyable experience day has been designed to introduce you to the beautiful Soutache needlework techniques used to make Jewellery.


Our addictive, relaxing and colourful jewellery craft session has been specially created for you enjoy making a piece of beautiful embroidery style jewellery enhanced with luxurious Sterling Silver.


With step-by-step tutor guidance and using the Soutache Pendant materials kit provided,  you will learn how to combine colourful braids/cord, stitch layers and secure beads to create a decorative pendant available in two colours has been specially designed by the tutor for a Soutache beginner to enjoyably complete in the course time.


Course content includes:

  • Braiding & bead techniques

  • Thinking about colour trends and the use of colour combinations

  • Finishing / Attaching jewellery fittings

  • Suppliers for Soutache braids & materials


During your course session the tutor will advise how to research and use trends in colour so that your braided Soutache jewellery designs are perfect for wearing with seasonal fashion.


By the end of your 3 hours of tuition you will have gained an understanding about basic Soutache Jewellery techniques, learned about possibilities for Soutache Jewellery designs and received plenty of inspiration for trying out your own colourful designs after the course.


This course is designed to be suitable for anyone and to be of particular interest to those who love embroidery or jewellery making, craft, colour or textiles. No previous Soutache or jewellery making experience is required.

Course Description
Soutache Jewellery Making Course



All the materials required to make a Soutache pendant for the purpose of practise are provided.

Your kit will include items such as braid, thread, needles, glass beads and jewellery findings and an 18" Sterling Silver chain.

Our  student materials kit comes in a choice of two colours.

Soutache Jewellery course at The Bespoke


Soutache Jewellery Course for beginners
Soutache is a braided style embroidery technique originally used for decorating military uniform in France and Hungary. 
In recent times jewellers and embroiderers with an interest in making jewellery have developed the use of Soutache needlework skills to create exquisite braided, corded and beaded jewellery that captures;
- Swarovski crystals
- Japanese or Czech glass beads
- Cabochons
- Decorative trimmings such as feathers 
- Metal elements.
Course Fee and Course Date

More information

About the Course Fee

A large portion of the course fee quoted is paid to the tutor. because, it’s their experience and expertise that you are paying for.


In addition a there is a small fee for arranging your course which is included in the total course fee. 


Vat is not applicable


Select your tutor / course location option from the table below to see what your course fee is.


Course fee's quoted are subject to tutor availability.


Why might course fee's be different?

This is because the course fee is mainly determined by each individual tutor's day rate. 

What is the course fee?
Course date & Timetable

The course date is for you to decide, subject to tutor availability.


Simply enquire about a couple of preferred course date options and we will check the tutor availability for you.

Course Timetable

Tuition is 3 hours.

Start time is 10am however this may be slightly flexible to suit you.

Pendant Materials Kit 

All the materials to make a Soutache pendant such as braid, thread, needles, glass beads and jewellery findings and an 18" Sterling Silver chain are all included in the course fee.

About Materials
Course Location
Tutors & Course Fee
Tutor Experience

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

Kasia M

Course Fee: £180 for up to 2 persons

All Soutache materials are included

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How to Book

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