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Stephen G / Master Polisher 

Areas of expertise 
  • Precision Polishing Jewellery, Silverware and Object d'Art

  • Experienced tutor



Stephen is an expert Master Polisher of over 40 year's experience, originally working for the Crown Jewellers Asprey & Garrard and now working with well-known society jeweller Theo Fennell. 


His client list past and present includes Hamilton and Inches Crown Jewellers of Scotland, The Royal Mint, The Royal Society. He has has polished and restored many famous silverware pieces including the Americas Cup; Davis Cup; Wimbledon Cup and the Premier League Cup and he has also advised the Tower of London Jewel House on the upkeep of their silver collections.


He is a fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (IPG) and their official ambassador and he shares his trade skills by teaching nationally and internationally including at Goldsmiths Centre, School of Jewellery Birmingham City University and VanTol & Breet Academy (Netherlands).


Stephen has also judged the polishing section for Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council's Awards and the UK Jewellery Awards.


Stephen is also one of the experts appointed to the The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company's Panel of Experts.  Experts are invited to the Panel because of an exceptional level of skill in their field and/or their support of professional development and fine trade practises.



Images: Copyright tutor Stephen & SMG, all rights reserved.

Video credit & copyright Theo Fennell 

Courses / Tuition
Stephen can provide tuition as a visiting tutor only, if you would like him to visit your Jewellery Maker or Jewellery Company workshop to teach Polishing techniques please make an enquiry and advise as much information about what you need as possible.


I attended quite few courses (some of them was one to one, some with 2 students), however, this course I can call one of the best I had. 


The explanation was clear and advice so practical, so all my questions was answered and new knowledge was tied up with practice.  


The tutor was so accommodating and flexible. I brought quite a few samples with me and some of them was not in silver, but the tutor was so flexible and we went through all the materials. 


We also learnt how to eliminate mistakes and how to correct them (on samples which I brought). So, I have chance now to finish my unfinished projects, which was left because of not knowing how to fix it. 


There was also very warm welcome, which is also so important, as some time stress may lead to difficulty to accepting the information. But the atmosphere was relaxed, so all went very well. 


I would definitely recommend this course. 

Ludmilla K - Jeweller

1-Day Perfecting the Polishing of Jewellery (Tips of the Trade) 

One-to-One Tuition

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