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Client Confidentiality Policy &

Data Protection 

No need to worry...

Dawn Meaden-Johnson; training advice, Jewellery courses, expert tutors, www.bespokejewellerytraining

I would like to reassure you that any and all information including any images you provide me with to determine your training needs will be kept in strict confidence and not shared.

Clients / Students

Your information will not be shared with anyone except your tutor, and this happens only in the context of determining how we can design the best course for your training needs. 


I promise I won't email you too often, just now and again with an update on new courses or tutors. If you are a Website Subscriber you  will receive a newsletter approximately quarterly via our website provider Wix, which has an option for you to unsubscribe if you wish. Alternatively can reply to any email and ask to be unsubscribed from emails or Newsletters.


Payments for courses are made via PayPal directly therefore your financial information is not available to me. I see your address details, however I do not copy or share this information.

Once you have booked a course I will ask you for a contact telephone number so that the tutor has the ability to contact you about your course in the event of a last minute emergency. This information is not shared by me with anyone other than your tutor and you have no obligation to share this information. If you decide not to provide your telephone number your course booking is not affected in any way.



Images you have provided me with will be used only to promote jewellery training courses and fine trade practices in the context of the professional development services available by you through The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company as per our working collaboration/agreement. 

At any time you may ask for your tutor profile page on our website to be deleted, which will not affect our working agreement.


At any time

If you have any concerns you may contact me directly and ask for any action to take place regarding your data/images and I will comply immediately.

I have reviewed our data protections practises in accordance with the Data Protection Regulations 2018.


Best wishes,

Dawn Meaden-Johnson | Email


Founder: The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company

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