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Dawn Meaden-Johnson

Dawn Meaden-Johnson is the Founder of the Bespoke Jewellery Training Company and a graduate Silversmith of Birmingham City University School of Jewellery. She pursued a career in jewellery retail operations at Signet Group for many years before strengthening her customer service expertise in the commercial field with other companies such as Electrolux.  A creative calling in 2004 led to her returning to the School of Jewellery to manage and develop their prestigious Short Course project for almost 10 years and at that time she also begin practising Jewellery again.


A passion for supporting skill based fine trade practises led to Dawn starting The Bespoke Jewellery Company in 2013,  whose philosophy is to provide superior quality courses taught by jewellery industry trade professionals willing to share their expertise.

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Bespoke Private Tuition Courses | www.bespokejewelleryraining
Bespoke Private Tuition Courses | www.bespokejewelleryraining

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PRESS RELEASES | The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company

June 2017 | Copy starts


Innovative Training for Jewellers | Mentored Access into Small Scale Jewellery Manufacturing


Dawn Meaden Johnson’s highly acclaimed “Bespoke Jewellery Training Company” has just announced its latest training course innovation for Jewellery Designer Makers.

A link from handmade to small-scale manufacturing is created in a live mentored project made up of series of mini bespoke consultancy sessions provided by collaboration with jewellery industry specialists based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Dawn advised “Taking the leap into small scale manufacturing can be a daunting prospect for jewellery Designer Makers , however this new course offers mentored guidance throughout the whole process from design to post manufacture, the aim being to create a business model for future success via a live project. “

“By combining handmade and production line pieces in their ranges Jewellers have the potential to offer a wider price point options to their customers and have the potential to increase their profit margin, a business concept this course was specifically designed to support  ” She added.

Information about this course series can be found at               

For further information, please contact:

Dawn Meaden-Johnson |

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Spring 2017 |  Copy Starts

Jewellery Industry Demand Fuels New Training Courses

Dawn Meaden Johnson’s highly acclaimed “Bespoke Jewellery Training Company” has just announced its forthcoming Spring/Summer programme.

In addition to the hugely popular jewellery skills courses, hosted by many of the UK’s leading tutors, BJT has recently teamed up with Simon Rainer of Simon Rainer Consulting to meet the growing demand for marketing, sales and industry focussed training.

Whilst the 2017 BTJ programme still includes  such courses as CAD, design, diamond mounting and stonesetting amongst many others, the extended course offer will now include marketing, sales, and retail techniques, with an additional focus on ethical trading and corporate social responsibility.

“Both Simon and myself have an absolute passion for the jewellery industry; mine from working with designer makers and trade professionals and Simon from his mentoring of many jewellery companies whilst CEO of the British Jewellers’ Association. Our collective experiences gained over many years clearly identifies a huge gap in the provision of clear, easy to understand practical commercial training, so often sought by designer makers, manufacturers and retailers alike” Dawn said

“This new collaboration with Simon will use his extensive industry knowledge to provide an insightful and informal approach to allow both individuals and companies to re-think their current business models. I am pleased that Simon has also agreed to offer mentoring and consultancy services in addition to hosting the 1 day courses.” she added.

Bookings for the BJT Spring/Summer training programme are already being taken and will include: “How to become an ethical jeweller  “Effective marketing for jewellery designer makers” and “Marketing for success in jewellery retail”. ,A special seminar “ An Honourable Jewellery Business” will  also provide an introduction to the benefits of adopting a CSR framework.

Further information can be made found at:


Or please contact:

Dawn Meaden-Johnson

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Note to editors:

Simon Rainer


Simon Rainer has been involved in the UK and International jewellery markets for over 25 years and most recently was Chief Executive of the British Jewellers’ Association.


During his time at the BJA, he worked closely with the RJC, CIBJO, UK Jewellery Ethics Committee, British Government, NGO’s and the British Standards Institute in addition to being an industry ambassador for greater transparency in the jewellery supply chain as well as championing the many benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2014 he received the “Outstanding Contribution to the Industry” award at the prestigious UK Jewellery Awards. He is the author of many industry papers, and produced both the Jeweller’s Social Responsibility Framework and the extensive Jewellery Retailers Handbook. He is now a consultant to the UK and International jewellery industry.

Spring 2014| Copy Starts

British Jeweller Creates New Concept Learning Opportunities for Jewellers


Contemporary Jeweller and Industry training specialist Dawn Meaden-Johnson has just announced the launch of her new training company for Jewellers.

Dawn advised “Sharing of skills and access to technologies is critical to longevity of our Jewellery Industry and sustainability of the businesses within it, with this in mind I founded The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company to provide flexible, commercial training, so often sought by designer makers, manufacturers and retailers alike”.

Dawn’s business concept reacts to the changing needs of the industry by providing intensive private tuition taught by acclaimed industry professionals who teach in their own workshops. In this way Dawn’s clients are taught in a live trade environment and they can tailor the content of the course to suit their professional needs.

Following on from her 9 year tenure at Birmingham City University as project manager of their highly acclaimed Short Courses Programme Dawn created this new venture whereby clients can set the training agenda to suit their business priorities.

Dawn advised “I have selected a national group of the finest professional Jewellers, Goldsmiths and Industry Specialists to work with me to provide a wide range of courses to my clients. This collaboration gives my clients accesses to inspirational tutors who are willing to share their skills to help others become more accomplished in their work.”

Courses available to anyone working in the Jewellery industry are designed to be one day of one-to-one intensive tuition that can be followed up with additional days upon demand.

For further information, please contact:

Dawn Meaden-Johnson

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