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It's not always easy to get the right help developing your Jewellery skills

Here is why our expert tutors can help you


Jewellery workshops with Melanie Eddy at

Our Founder Dawn Meaden-Johnson has assembled a national group of tutors who are professional jewellers, goldsmiths, silversmiths or specialists in their field in the Jewellery Industry.


Tutors work with us by invitation only. All have been working in the Jewellery Industry for well over 10 years and are recognised to be outstanding practitioners.


All are willing to share their specialist skills, experience and Tips of the Trade with you, by working with us.

Traditional - Technical- Innovation

Tradition and

All the tutors listed have expertise which covers the wide variety of techniques and Jewellery Industry specific equipment and technology.


Individually they have reached a very high level of refinement in their area of expertise and have generously agreed to share what they know with you.


They understand how important learning new skills and refinement is to the development of your work.


Jane M_Jeweller and Enameller in her workshop_edited.jpg

Because your tutor is a trade professional they will understand the technical, practical and business issues you need to learn or resolve.


That's why they are willing to invite you to learn in their own workshops.


They know, if you see how they work and organise their professional practise, it will be of great benefit to you.


A selection of tutors by location
- Others also available

A)  Learn in the heart of Birmingham's

      Historic Jewellery Quarter 

 See page down for other UK areas

B)  England / Other course locations / County  A-Z 
C)  Wales
D)  Scotland 
E)  Other teaching options 


If you haven't found the information you are looking for or you want to ask a question about a course please make an enquiry.


Or you may text  a question to Dawn on 07703 287640

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