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Its not easy to get help developing your work


I have assembled a national group of tutors who are professional jewellers, goldsmiths, silversmiths or specialists in their field.


All have been working in the Jewellery Industry for over 10 years and are recognised to be outstanding practitioners.


All are willing to share their specialist skills, experience and Tips of the Trade with you.

Why these tutors can help you

Traditional - Technical - Innovative

All the tutors listed have skills that cover a wide variety of techniques used in the Jewellery Industry.


Individually they have reached a very high level of refinement in their area of expertise.


They undersand how important learning new skills and refininement is to the development of your work.


Because your tutor is a trade professional they will understand the technical, practical and business issues you need to resolve.


That's why they are willing to invite you to learn in their workshops.


They know, if you see how they organise their professional practise, it will be of great benefit to you.


A selection of tutors by location

...others also available

A)  Learn in the heart of Birmingham's

      Historic Jewellery Quarter 


 See page down for other UK areas

Nick G

Location: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
Miranda S
Jeweller & Enamelling Specialist

Location: Birmingham Jewellery Quarter
Nigel Y
Stonesetter/Laser Welding Jeweller

Location: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
Samantha C
Silversmith & Jeweller
Finishing Technologies Consultant /
Heritage product re-modelling

Location: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
Carrie M
Wireworking Wrapping & Weaving Jewellery Specialist

Location: Birmingham Jewellery Quarter
Jack R
Goldsmith & CAD Design - Technology Specialist

Location: Birmingham Jewellery Quarter
Nobuko O
Jeweller and Pearl Threading Specialist

Location: Birmingham Jewellery Quarter
Lisa W
CAD / Design specialist

Location: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
Collette W
Jewellery Designer & Model Maker

Location: Birmingham Jewellery Quarter
Aleks D

Location: Coventry / West Midlands
Kate H
Gemmologist FGA, DGA GG

Location: Birmingham / West Midlands
Simon R
Jewellery Industry Business Consultant / Mentor
Ethics / CSR / Retail / Marketing / Enterprise

Location: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
Vaughn A

Location: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
Robert CL
Silversmith / Engraver

Location: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
Kasia M
Soutache Jewellery Specialist

Location: Birmingham Jewellery Quarter
Katherine C-L
Jeweller / Silversmith / Keum Boo specialist

Location: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
Carlton C
Goldsmith / Regalia Expert / Renovation

Location: West Midlands
David B
Jewellery Valuation & Appraisal Consultant

Location: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
Kate T
Goldsmith & Commercial Designer & Jewellery Business enterprise mentor
Location: Birmingham
Mark W
CAD/CAM Designer

Location: Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter
B)  England / Other course locations / County  A-Z 
Helen O
Precious Metal Clay (PMC) specialist

Location: Berkshire
Julie W
Jeweller, Silversmith & Designer

Location: Cleveland
Ian H
Goldsmith /Platinum

Location: Devon
John D
Goldsmith specialising in Stonesetting & Pave Microsetting

Location: Essex
Zoe H
Jeweller / Designer

Location: Hertfordshire
Sebastian P
Contemporary Goldsmith & CAD Specialist

Location: London (Central)
Kelvin B
Gold / Silversmith

Location: London (Central)
Harry F
Goldsmith, Enameller, Hand Engraver, Pave Microsetter

Location: Nottinghamshire
David A
Holloware Metal Spinner / Silversmith

Location: Sheffield
Zoe P
Jewellery Designer / Artist

Location: Yorkshire (East)

Location: Bristol / Avon
Fenella M & Tony C
Goldsmith Team

Location: Cumbria / Lancashire Borders
Yvonne K
Jeweller & Creative Business Specialist

Martin A

Location: Essex
Stephen G

Location: Kent
William H
Goldsmith, Jewellery & Metals Conservator and Gemmologist.
Lecturer in The History of Jewellery

Adi T
Silversmith and Metal Patination Specialist

Location: London (Central)
Loree B
Designer / Goldsmith

Location: Nottinghamshire
Diana G

Location: Surrey
Jane M
Enameller & Contemporary Jeweller

Location: Warwickshire
Becca W
Silversmith & Jeweller

Location: Cornwall
Cal H
Designer, Laser Cutting Specialist (Acrylic & Wood)

Location: Derbyshire
Amy K

Location: Essex
Stuart P
FairTrade Gemstone Specialist

Location: Hampshire / Tutor may travel to your studio.
Pete M
Creative Business Mentor / Author

Location: Leicestershire - Tutor may travel to your studio.
Melanie E
Jewellery Designer / Goldsmith

Location: London (Central)
Ille P
Professional Pearl Stringer

Location: Hatton Garden, London
Dave G
Designer / Goldsmith / Marketing

Location: Nottinghamshire
Amanda Z
Enameller / Jeweller

Location: Sussex (West)
Julia R
Silver Clay / PMC Jeweller

Location: Cornwall
(Tutor may travel to you)
Louise M
Silversmith / Jeweller

Location: Derbyshire
Mark L
Artist / 3D Industrial Designer

Location: Essex
Tom W

Location: Hampshire
Jo T

Location: London Central
Melissa R
Enameller, Designer / Goldsmith

Location: London (Central)
Matt M

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Andrew T

Location: Sheffield
J McGrath

Location: Sussex (East)
Mark B
Master Wax Model Maker

Location: Worcestershire
C)  Wales
Brian E
Goldsmith /Titanium & Nobium

Wales / South
Mandy N
Jeweller / Anodised Aluminium

Wales / South
Mark F
Goldsmith / Silversmith / Enameller

Wales / South
D)  Scotland 
Marianne A
Goldsmith / Jeweller

Location: Scotland
(Central Glasgow)
Kathy V

Location: Scotland
Andrew M

Location: Scotland
(West Argyll)
Ann Marie S
Jeweller / Haptic 3D Modelling &3D Printing Specialist.

Location: Scotland
(Tutor may travel)
E)  Other teaching options  
Morgan M
CAD/CAM Jewellery Designer

Software: Z Brush only

Location: Skype Tuition only
Tamizan S
Jeweller / Enameller

Location: Tutor may be willing to travel to your workshop.


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Useful Information


What is NAJ?


NAJ is the National Association of Jewellers

A new association algamated in 2016 from the well know organisations of :


The BJA  - British Jewellers Association)

The NAG - National Association of Goldsmiths





What is RCA?


RCA is The Royal College of Art


A leading research University, widely considered the most influencial posgraduate research facility for Art and Design



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