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Ann Marie Shillito / Jeweller

& 3D Haptic Modelling Specialist

Areas of expertise 
  • Haptic 3D Modelling (3D Virtual touch technology) and 3D Printing


  • Contemporary Jewellery making / Laser Cutting

  • Titanium & Niobium

  • Extensive teaching experience.




Ann Marie Shillito is a Graduate of Royal College of Art, with over 30 years’ experience as a contemporary Jewellery Designer Maker working in titanium, niobium, laser cutting and 3D printing, she is known and respected by her peers internationally for her knowledge and expertise in the area of haptics for creativity and designing with Anarkik 3D Design for 3D printing.


In 1999 she began work as a Research Fellow in Design and Applied Arts at Edinburgh College of Art where she explored paths to introduce and facilitate designer makers in the use industrial technology such as laser cutting and 3D printing. Her background in jewellery design fuelled an exploration of how Haptics could provide an alternative more organic CAD design process for creatives.


This work led to her co-founding Anarkik 3D Ltd in 2007 - A award winning CAD Software development company specialising in Haptic (3D virtual touch) digital modelling and 3D printing designed especially for arts and crafts creatives.


Ann Marie is an experienced lecturer & tutor who has presented papers nationally and internationally in her area of expertise. Her book Digital Crafts – Industrial Technologies for applied artists and Designer Makers was published in 2013.

Specialist courses 

Create a Model to Print 

Introduction to 3D Modelling & 3D Printing

Passionate 3D Creativity


Edinburgh - This tutor may be willing to travel to you.

Learn from Ann Marie one-to-one

To check Ann Marie's availability and to obtain a quote for a 1-day one-to-one session with her, contact Dawn Meaden-Johnson at :


What is Haptic 3D Design & Print?

Images by Ann Marie Shillito and Anarkik


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