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Harry FS |Goldsmith, Enameller, Hand Engraver & Stonesetter

Areas of expertise 
  • All Fine Jewellery Technique

  • Stonesetting


  • Microsetting (stonesetting with a microscope)

  • Hand Engraving and Gravermax Engraving

  • Silversmithing

  • Enamelling 

  • Diamond Mounting


  • Highly experienced tutor and Jewellery Industry Consultant 





Harry is an award winning professional Fine Gold/Silversmith, with over 30 years trade experience who uses traditional hand skills and Silver, White Gold, Platinum and Palladium in his is works, which include  Jewellery, Silverware and Object d'art.


Several years ago he saw a demonstration of high-end Enamelling by Rachel Gogerly that revived his love of Enamelling again and in 2019 Harry was awarded a QUEST Bendicks Scholarship to train with Enamelling Master Phil Barnes.

He is a highly experienced tutor, and successful consultant in the Jewellery Industry because he has a depth of experience covering a variety of techniques such as Stonesetting, Pave Microsetting, Enamelling and Hand Engraving. 


He is a member of The British Jewellers Association (BJA), The Guild of Enamellers and The Hand Engravers Association


Harry is an experienced tutor, who has taught at the prestigious School of Jewellery in Birmingham and Goldsmiths Centre amongst others and he enjoys teaching and sharing his skills on a one-to-one basis in his Nottinghamshire studio when commission commitments permit.


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Learn from Harry 

To check Harry's availability and to obtain a quote for a 1-day one-to-one session with him, contact Dawn Meaden-Johnson at :


Student Feedback

Course: 1-Day Introduction to Hand Engraving Refresher
One-to-one Tuition

I found the course to be a marvellous experience, thank you. I learned a great deal, and Harry is patience itself when explaining and demonstrating.

I have at last discovered how to do certain things, like the particular form of sharpening and polishing which result in "bright - cut" work.  The internet is not much help over that, but Harry was extremely clear in passing along information. He even showed me pictures of an object made for  E  ll  R,  which is extremely fine.
Many thanks for providing such an important source of help for people wishing to work with jewellery;  the range of experiences your organisation offers is fabulous.

John | Jeweller

Course: 2-Day Hand Engraving Masterclass

One-to-one Tuition

Arranged for Jeweller Visiting the UK

Wow, what a fantastic two days!

I learnt so much more than engraving - it was so wonderful to have the opportunity to ask questions of a jeweller who has been in the business so long!


Harry is so wonderfully patient and went above and beyond to make sure that my technique was correct. Harry was also so helpful in offering information that he deemed useful for my own practice back home.


A great experience all round and would recommend Harry to anyone wanting to learn jewellery techniques or improve in areas they are struggling!

Kristen B | Australian Jeweller

Tutor Courses

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