Textures for Enamelling

1-Day Private Tuition Course

All tutors work as professional jewellers or are jewellery trade specialists who are willing to share their expertise and trade secrets with you.


Course Description

Course Description

This course introduces you to the engraved relief style mark making associated with the designs of Champlevé (engraved channels) and Basse Taille (layered depth cuts) Enamelling styles.

On this course you will be creating a small collection of engraved sample designs on Gilding Metal to practice these techniques.

You may bring silver if you prefer to use this or buy direct from the tutor.

Please advise if advance if Silver is your preference.

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Course content includes

  • Considering relief design pattern for transparent enamel

  • Learning how to transfer a simple design onto sheet metal

  • The importance of tool sharpening/maintenance

  • Critical tool holding techniques

  • Textural mark making; Engraved channels & layered cuts or recesses

With tutor guidance you will first practising several mark making methods and then apply these ideas to sheet metal to create surface relief channels, or cuts effective for holding wet enamel.

  • Course content can be tailored to suit your own work.


This course is designed for Jewellers or Silversmiths, no previous knowledge of Engraving is required.


  • Your dates for this two day course may be booked as consecutive or separate dates.

  • Another person may attend with you; additional charges apply please ask for details

How to engrave for Champleve or basse taille enamelling, a course from The Bespoke Jewellery Training Co

Basse Taille Enamelling

Engraved cuts or marks in varying depths to emphasize different shades of the same hue that are filled with vitreous enamel to create a surface design.


Champlevé Enamelling

A collection of engraved/carved relief work that create channels in the surface of metal, designed to hold vitreous enamel.


Images above copyright tutor Harry FS, All rights reserved.

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Nottinghamshire, UK

Harry F

Goldsmith & Engraver & Enameller

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About Materials

Precious Metals are not included in the course fee.

Silver is not included.

If you wish to work in silver the tutor will advise what you need to bring before the course.

Base Metals

Included in the course fee.


Specialist Tool Hire

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