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Need to find a Jewellery Industry Tutor?

Jewellery Industry | Other Services
If we find an expert based on your requirements we will email you a summary of their expertise.
If you require full details including contact details a single flat fee is applicable.

 £125 per Tutor

If we cannot find an expert tutor to fit your brief you will not be charged.

Important to know.


We do not get involved in experts fees, or employment terms. This is for you and the expert to discuss and negotiate between you.

Be assured your details will always be kept confidential by us.

Why not consult one of my panel of experts?

I asked a few extra special experts to lend their support to my business. I have worked with them all on various project as and I know they are passionate about supporting professional development in the Jewellery industry or other creative industries.



Master polisher, Stephen M Goldsmith at work.


He has over 40 years of trade experience and is available to undertake consultancy work for companies.


Do you need the freelance service of a consultant or expert for a particular job?

Please send me an enquiry I may be able to refer someone to you.



Inspecting Jewels

Support for Experts / Tutors

Do contact me, if I can be of assistance.

I may be able to help you organise your own courses or events.


No obligation quotations provided.



Dawn Meaden-Johnson

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