It's not easy to get the right kind of help to refine or develop  your Jewellery

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Course Testimonials & Case Studies

Thank you very much for existing- as it's so difficult to find this kind of training and I doubt I could have gained what I did in such a short space of time any other way.
I'm hoping to book a follow up course after a couple of months of practising so that says it all really! 

Jess T - Jeweller
I absolutely loved the course.

The tutor was very easy to get along with, explained things thoroughly and was very patient. 

No amount of books and YouTube videos can compare to the experience of being on the tools with a master craftsman.

5 Star Excellent rating from me

Sarah - Jeweller

Case Study | Stonesetting

Andrea Kirby_Sapphire Ring.png
Andrea Kirby_Sapphire Ring.png

Stonesetting course, Sapphire ring. Student case study image

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Andrea Kirby_Diamond Set Ring.png
Andrea Kirby_Diamond Set Ring.png

Stonesetting course, Diamond ing. Student case study image

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Andrea Kirby_Diamond Ring.png
Andrea Kirby_Diamond Ring.png

Stonesetting course, Platinum ring. Student case study image

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Thank you for arranging everything it really was very inspirational and I couldn't have asked for a better tutor.

Andrea Kirby - Jeweller


The Client | Andrea Kirby

Andrea Kirby has been a professional contemporary jeweller for over 20 years, specialising in bespoke hand-made jewellery in Sterling Silver and Gold, combined with Gemstones and Diamonds.


She is passionate about developing her work by incorporating new techniques or design ideas, in addition she also works with clients to re-model cherished heritage jewellery into beloved new pieces of jewellery.


The Objective

Andrea decided some Stonesetting ‘Tips of the Trade’ would help her greatly improve her speed and hone her stonesetting skills and she contacted us to ask if we could help her with some training to fix some troublesome technical issues with tricky rub-over and roman style settings.

The Course

When we reviewed Andrea's training requirements we immediately knew we  could help and Andrea received a quotation for a 1-day course. We recommended a one-to-one course with one of my expert tutors Nigel Y  who is a a professional Stonesetter with over 30 years trade experience. Andrea then decided on a date and immediately booked the course"

Targeting techniques

Andrea decided to bring her own stones and castings along to the course and Nigel provided practical one-to-one tuition in his workshop to help Andrea make improvements in her setting techniques.

pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-6263143 stone

I has a great day, Nigel Yates was a wonderfully patient tutor and he was very skilled and passed his knowledge on in a very good, clear way.
I thought the day was excellent.
I can't wait to start practising (what I have learnt) and wish I'd done this (course) years ago. 

Andrea Kirby - Jeweller

Case Study | Polishing

Polishing Masterclass. Student case study image
Polishing Masterclass course. Student case study image

Thanks so much for organising my course. It was brilliant. 

Eileen  Moylan Silversmith 

The Client | Eileen Moylan

Eileen Moylan is an award winning  Goldsmith and Silversmith working in Ireland.

The Objective

I booked a one polishing course with Stephen Goldsmith becauses Polishing and finishing have always been an area where I knew I needed help in both efficiency and skill.


The Course

I chose the one to one course option as it was the most cost effective way for me.

This also meant I could dictate the course content on the day and concentrate on areas that would be of most value to my work. 

Jewellery Business

With the one to one course format it meant that I was working all day and could ask lots and lots of questions. I have done group jewellery courses in the past ranging from 3 to 5 days. While I learnt a lot on these courses there was also time spent waiting around to ask  questions or get help moving on to the next stage of your project. As a self employed jeweller I need to be at my bench to make money, for me this course made sense from a financial point of view.

Polishing  Jewellery Course at The Bespo

I solved problems that had been frustrating me for years. 

Anyone who has had the privilege of working with Stephen will know he really is a mine of information and is willing to share all his knowledge.

I came back with so many tips and hints on how to get a better finish and make my life much easier when polishing.       

Eileen Moylan - Silversmith

Courses |  Student Testimonials & Feedback




I give it 5* 

That was amazing, the best course I ever had.

Very complete and accurate  I will not forget any bit during the time that I have to wait to receive my microscope and graver.

The tutor (John) is definitely a reference for me in teaching and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn about stone Microsetting.  

Diego | Goldsmith


BESPOKE 1-Day Course  |

2-Day Introduction to Microsetting


The day was brilliant, Mark  really looked after me and made me feel welcome. 


Mark provided loads of useful knowledge and his passion for what he does really shone.


Was a great day, and I'm grateful to learn from him.


I would give this course 5* and fully recommend it.

Jeevan B: Creative


BESPOKE 1-Day Course  |

Wax Carving & Sculpting Masterclass


I thoroughly enjoyed the course, so much so I am now enrolling for the FoAP. 

I thought David was a brilliant tutor and was very informative and knowledgeable.


I give it a 5* Excellent



BESPOKE  2-Day Introduction to Valuation for Jewellery Retailers


Our employee loved the soldering course and found it fully tailored to her needs.


The tutor was an excellent teacher, providing clear instruction and really useful hints and tip to take away from the course and our employee now feels totally confident to use the skills acquired.


The venue (Tutor workshop) itself was easy to find and located in the middle of the Jewellery Quarter (Birmingham) so ideally situated.


All in all we would give it a 5* ‘excellent’ rating. 

Kirstie L : Jewellery Company


BESPOKE 1-Day Course  |

Fine Jewellery Techniques : Soldering 


We thought the course was fantastic! Very very informative and had been especially designed just for us which we thought was excellent!  David was really easy to get along with and very understanding of our needs.

We would definitely give the course 5 stars!


Thank you for all your help. 

Jess W: Antique Jewellery Retailer


BESPOKE 2 Day Course  |

Introduction to Jewellery Valuation

for Antique/Vintage Jewellery Retailers


It went really well thanks, I really enjoyed the course and Rosa (Tutor) explained everything so well and was happy to answer all of the questions that I had.


I feel that the course covered all of the important aspects of the making process and there way time to try different techniques and it was great to visit the laser cutting studio as well. I also got to bring back a necklace that I designed!


I'd rate the course 5* Excellent.

Charlotte: Jewellery Designer/Maker



BESPOKE 1-Day Design for Acrylic Jewellery


I hope I will express rightfully how impressed I was by William (Bill) He was superb, a very kind & charismatic human being, his knowledge on the subjects & his teaching/conversational skills were just excellent.

I was transported immediately into the realm of Gems & Jewelry. That’s remarkable.

I’m so grateful! Thank you

Marco L | Artist



Natural World - Gemstone Stories & More


I really enjoyed it and enjoyed Marcia’s (Tutor) company for the 2.5hr online session.


Marcia was very friendly, professional and extremely helpful! She put me at ease straight away.


She had researched me and my Jewellery shop well, which was reassuring and she was very knowledgeable on her subject. That shone through. 

I rate this course 4.5 stars


Tanya K: Jeweller

GREAT ****


Etsy: How to Get Jewellery Sales



Thank you so much, I think all three of my goldsmiths got a lot out of their tuition with Nigel. He is a very diligent, experienced and patient teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone else. He is also very personable and easy to talk with, making for a comfortable environment having him inhouse.

Rate of five stars.


I would definitely consider doing further learning with Nigel in the future.

Brona - Proprietor| National Jewellery Company 


BESPOKE 3-Day In-house Visiting Tutor Stonesetting Tips of the Trade


My course  went really well thank you, I really enjoyed the day.

I really wanted to learn the laser cutting side of things and I think because I went to the course with designs already done Calida was able to focus the day more on the machine side which was perfect for me. 

She was lovely, really welcoming, and was able to explain everything well in a way that was good for a beginner, I came away with the pair of earrings I had designed and I didn’t think we would be able to get to do that as they were quite complicated!

I can see why she asks to bring mood boards or even better is a design, this helps get the most out of the day rather than students wasting time thinking of what to design. 

I would rate the course a 5 from my experience.

Gabrielle: Jewellery Designer


BESPOKE 1-Day Course  |

Introduction to Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery


Our Goldsmith found the days training to be very useful. While he had made box clasps before he found Nicks experience with tips and tricks to be very useful to him reach the next step in mounting expertise.

Rated 5*


Thanks Dawn, and if we need Nick or any other tutor again again we will be in contact.

Philip | National Jewellery Company



BESPOKE 1-Day In-house Visiting Tutor

Clasps Masterclass