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Valuation & Appraisal of Jewellery 

Learn Practical Methods for the Valuation & Appraisal of Jewellery

1 & 2 Day Courses | Private Tuition

  • Jewellery containing Diamonds and/or  Coloured Gemstones
  • Identification & importance of Hallmarks
  • Precious & non-precious metals used in Jewellery 
  • Organic materials used in Jewellery
Suitable as individually described suitable for:
Jewellers, Retailers, Pawnbrokers, Auction Houses, Jewellery Buyers
& Jewellery Enthusiasts

The tutor for all Valuation courses was a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers, Fellow of the Gemmological Association, and qualified Diamond Grader with over 25 years’ experience as an independent jewellery valuer covering antique and modern jewellery, silverware and watches.

Valuation of Jewellery _Vintage_Antique_course_The Bespoke Jewellery Training Co.jpg
Introduction to Jewellery Valuation

2-Day Course | Private 1:1 Tuition

Suitable for those new to the Jewellery Industry.
Practical methodology for the valuation of all types of jewellery such as Fine, Vintage, Antique & Costume. Course content designed and delivered by a recently retired accredited Jewellery Valuer.

Jewellery Valuation course for Retailers  The Bespoke Jewellery Training Co.jpg
 Valuation for Jewellery Retailers

2-Day Course | Private 1:1 Tuition

(Group option & Visiting Tutor may be available)

Professional Development
Designed to provide specific training for Jewellery Retailers. Learn methods for assigning a fair price to Jewellery pieces for Valuation and avoid costly mistakes when buying second hand, vintage or antique jewellery for resale.

synthetic gemstones and valuation course at
 Jewellery Evaluation for Pawnbrokers

2-Day Course | Private 1:1 Tuition

(Group course & Visiting Tutor may be available - Please ask)

Professional Development
Learn methods for on-the-spot identification & evaluation of Jewellery & Hallmark identification.
Practical tuition specially designed to enhance professional practice in Pawnbroking. 

Gemstone_Diamond_Gem-A _Gemmology Course Series The Bespoke Jewellery Training Co.jpg
How to Value Coloured Gemstones

1-Day Course | Private 1:1 Tuition

(Group course & Visiting Tutor may be available - Please ask)

Learn how to use standard gemmological equipment to identify and appraise the most popular gemstones and learn how to assess price guides to evaluate them.

Covers: Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires + one other of your choice.

Suitable for a Gemmology Beginners or Jewellers

rough and cut diamond valuation.jpg
Introduction to the Grading & Value of Rough & Cut Diamonds

2-Day Course | Private 1:1 Tuition

(Group course & Visiting Tutor may be available - Please ask)

This comprehensive practical course has been designed to provide you with more information about Diamonds and how understanding the Grading and Valuation process for rough and cut Diamonds.

Suitable for all.


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