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Paul BG |Contemporary Goldsmith & Laser Welding Specialist

Areas of expertise 
  • All Fine Jewellery Techniques

  • ​​Stonesetting

  • ​​​Laser Welding

  • ​​Repairs

  • ​Diamond Mounting

  • Contemporary Designer


Paul is an award winning professional Goldsmith who has won twenty Goldsmiths Craft & Design Competition awards (GCDC) over an 5 year period up to today. 

Winning a GEM-A Award in 2022 gave him access to Diamond Grading tuition which he has found invaluable for the accurate testing and grading of diamonds as part of his creative process. 


Following on from his graduation at the prestigious School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University and his distinction pass,  he was invited to joined the School of Jewellery for two years as an AIR (Artist in Residence) where he taught practical skills to students.


In 2023 he won the Alpha Laser GCDC competition and this gave him access to an amazing opportunity of private tuition with internationally renowned Jeweller Tom Rucker, whose is one of the foremost contemporary Jewellers using Laser Welding today.

Paul has had an exceptional rise to recognition in the Jewellery Industry, changing his career pathway in 2018 from Engineering to studying Jewellery at the School of Jewellery  Birmingham  and then starting his own Bespoke Fine Jewellery Business.


With a background in Engineering he is naturally drawn to industry technologies to enable him to create the challenging designs he has for his Jewellery and Objet d'art, in gold, silver, platinum and titanium. His workshop practise uses the perfect combination of traditional heritage Jewellery skills and new Jewellery Industry technologies.

ln addition to exploring ground breaking design elements, Paul also finds helping clients by repurposing or reimagining lost sentimental Jewellery pieces to also be a very rewarding part of his work at the Bench.


​in 2024 Paul became a member of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths. And he now shares his skills within the industry by collaborating with The Bespoke Jewellery Training Co. to provide professional development tuition.

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