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Designing Jewellery with CAD Rhino

- Tuition from an experienced CAD Jewellery Designer 

- DIPLOMA Tuition Options: 24 or 30 hours flexible part-time tuition

- Online LIVE Convenient Learning | One-to-one Interactive

Design Jewellery
with CAD Rhino


Course dates to suit
Subject to tutor availability

part time cad rhino course online

- 24 or 30 Hours of Interactive tuition over flexible time period to suit
- And skill practise motivation, through homework tasks set throughout

DIPLOMA For CAD Beginners or non-Bench Jewellers

Our Diploma 30 is recommended. The 30 Hours of tuition will be of most benefit to you.
You can split these hours by booking a stand-alone 6 hour taster course. If you wish to continue CAD tuition these 6 hours count towards your Diploma tuition hours.

The additional hours you get concentrate on building CAD Design Confidence for future independent designing and revisiting challenging design scenarios. 

Although Diploma 30 is recommended for, you may still book the Diploma 24 (As below) on the understanding you may need some top up tuition via our CAD Mentoring sessions later on which is a separate purchase.

DIPLOMA For Experienced Bench Jewellers

We suggest our Diploma 24 will suit you. ( 24 Hours of Tuition)
You can split these hours by booking a stand-alone 6 hour taster course. If you wish to continue CAD tuition these 6 hours count towards your Diploma tuition hours

INTRODUCTION | Why Learn CAD Design?

The Design Foundation course of step-by-step tutor instruction, has been specially designed to introduce Jewellery Makers to the design methods required for Jewellery Manufacturing. The design file created can be used to create models for casting as part of the repeatable (3D printing) manufacturing process.


The flexibility of CAD (Computer Aided Design) allows the designer to:

  • Create new designs

  • Easily fine-tune or modify existing designs

  • Easily repeat the manufacturing of existing designs

All these factors area absolutely critical options in the fast moving trend driven world of Jewellery Retail. 

Cad Rhino Foundation Jewellery course_online_
COURSE DURATION | For Confidence & Competence

We recommend that per week you undertake 2x 3 hours tuition sessions and 2 hours of your own CAD design practise. You can also set your own schedule for learning over a longer  time period.


Overall this Foundation Course equates to 24 or 30 hours of student CAD design + cad design practise homework.

In order for students to become confident and competent in their CAD design practise they usually require at least 30-40 hours of design practise, depending on how easily a student grasps the CAD design methodology.


Diploma Course comprises of interactive tuition sessions, with accompanying set homework design projects so that any design issues arising in practise can be addressed in tuition time.


On the course with step-by-step guided tuition you'll get a feel for how designing on a computer works by seeing tutor demonstrations then by trying out a variety of jewellery design tools yourself. Importantly the tutor will explain how the design file is used in to create a piece of jewellery fit for purpose.

The Tutor 

The tutor is a very experienced CAD Designer and Jeweller who has assisted many students learn how to use CAD Rhino successfully for Jewellery Design.


Throughout the course you will gain an understanding about;

  • The flexibility of cad for exploring design ideas and concepts.

  • Learn how designs are realised through the creation of repetitive and geometric shapes to produce jewellery via STL design files.

  • Learn the the important design techniques essential for success in the manufacturing processes of 3D Printing & Casting.​



The online CAD course works through free software that  allows you to see the tutor’s computer screen and allows the tutor to see your computer screen.
Through this system you’ll be able to hear the tutor and ask questions, throughout.

See below for further information
Minimum Student requirement


Course Feedback

I am beyond ecstatic with completing my CAD Design course. Jack was absolutely fantastic. 5 Star! 

He was so extremely helpful every single class and really kept me interested and invested every week. Extremely knowledgeable and worked with me perfectly when I struggled and succeeded. Could not have asked for a better teacher, he has made me a better jeweler in every aspect. I would love to have a pdf of my diploma! Thank you again for everything!  

I rate it 5* Excellent

Robert D | Jeweller




Each week, Suggested 3 or 6 Hours of tuition and 2 Hours of student practise.

  • Getting started using CAD Design tools in 2D and 3D

  • Lines, Curves and Layering

  • ​​Modelling: Scale, moving and joining components

  • ​​Designing Settings for Gemstones & Adding Gemstones

  • ​​​​Critical design elements & limitations for successful manufacturing outcomes 

  • Finalising & exporting – Making designs ready for the 3D Printing & Casting process

ONLINE COURSE Making a Fitted Wedding ri


At the end of your Foundation course you will have learned how CAD design tools can be used to create successful STL design files for Jewellery Manufacturing. The understanding you will have gained during the course will enable you to experiment with the CAD design tools in future and explore the potential and possibilities for your own designs after the course.


COURSE | CPD Certificate

On your Foundation Course completion we provide a PDF Course Certificate to record your professional development. Your certificate includes information about your tutor’s expertise, which is important for proving the quality of your tuition and learning experience.

COURSE | Tailored Content

Our course is tailored to suit students and to be and interactive therefore the content items listed below in the weekly course sessions below may flow between weeks one to four to adapt to individual students learning requirements.

Content may also be adjusted relative to a students' design preferences if possible and beneficial to the overall learning outcome, as determined by the tutor.

PART ONE | 2 x 3 hours of tuition
+ 2 Hours of Student practise 

cad screen shot_rhino_bezel.jpg
  • Skill Level Assessment

  • Design Tools Introduction

  • 2D Design/Drawing

  • 3D constructing simple shapes

  • 3D Basic Jewellery Design/Modelling

  • Discussing important design aspects & tolerances for mass production

  • Task set for homework practice

On your first session during a series of simple design exercises the tutor with review your skill level and aptitude for computer design, this will enable the course pace to be tailored to suit you.


Then with tutor guidance you will use some the design tools to create some simple 2D drawings.


Session Aim

The emphasis of this first session is for you to gain an understanding of the design process by focusing first on the creation of 2D drawings and their transition into of 3D drawing, shapes and designs.

PART TWO | 2 x 3 hours of Tuition
+ 2 Hours of Student practise

CAD Rhino course_Bezel Setting Ring_ The
  • Your design process overview

  •  Practise issues arising

  • 3D Basic Jewellery Design / Modelling Rings

  • Considering smooth & flow between components

  • Continuing discussing important design aspects & tolerances for mass production

  • Task set for homework practice

  • Your design process overview

  •  Practise issues arising

  • 3D Basic Jewellery Design / Modelling Rings

  • Considering smooth & flow between components

  • Continuing discussing important design aspects & tolerances for mass production

  • Task set for homework practice

PART THREE |2 x 3 hours of Tuition

+ 2 Hours of Student practise

CADFoundation course_how to add a gemsto
  • Your design process overview / Practise issues arising

  • Creating claw settings (You may ask to include bezel style)

  • Adding a gemstone

  • 3D More complex Jewellery Design / Modelling other Jewellery types

  • Task set for homework practice

Beginning with a review of homework practise set and addressing with practise any issues arising.


Practising design modelling skills by creating a simple setting for a gemstone to your design and adding gemstones to a design. 

Throughout your design practise, continuing tutor explanations about the important design aspects required for making Jewellery both fit for purpose and successful for the manufacturing process.

Session Aim

Practise the techniques learned to Improve confidence with design tools by creating several 3D Designs. Add gemstones to the shapes learned. 

PART FOUR |2 x 3 hours of Tuition
+ 2 Hours of Student practise

CAD Rhino course_Bezel Setting Ring_ The
  • Your design process final overview

  • Design issues arising

  • 3D Enhanced Jewellery Design / Modelling other Jewellery types

  • Checking & finalising and how to Exporting the STL Design file.

Beginning with a short review of homework practise set and addressing with practise any issues arising.


The majority of the course session time will concentrate on you creating one of your own designs.

Throughout the final session  the tutor will challenge you to find ways to accomplish your design by using the commands and tools you have learnt so far.


Finally, the tutor will provide you with a checklist to remind you of all the critical factors that are important to remember when starting your design/modelling processes. These are important because accuracy at the beginning of the design process will avoid frustrations and time when your model is near completion.

Session Aim

Practise and overview of the design techniques learnt.

All images are credited to the CAD tutor Jack R.

PART FIVE |6 Hours (2 x 3 hours) 
Applies to CAD Design Beginners and/or Non-Jewellers ONLY and this is an important addition to the Diploma Content for them.

If you are an experienced Bench Jeweller you may choose to opt out of this PART FIVE of the Diploma.

CAD Course Series_The Bespoke Jewellery Training Co_Course.jpg
  • Building CAD Design Confidence for future independent designing

  • Revisiting challenging design scenarios 

These sessions are designed for building design confidence and improving design accuracy.


  • These additional hours are tailored to suit based on your design progress so far. This means that the tutor can concentrate on covering areas to help you improve in design areas that you may be finding challenging, particularly concentrating on accuracy and solutions for complex design scenarios.

You may also ask the tutor to revisit any design scenarios where you would find another fully guided overview helpful.

Session Aim

To fully prepare beginners so that can confidently practise CAD Design without guidance in future.

All images are credited to the CAD tutor Jack R.

New to CAD Design for Jewellery?

Recommended for CAD Design Beginners and non-Jewellers

We now recommend students new to CAD Design undertake DIPLOM A PART ONE only (as described above) of our CAD Rhino Foundation Diploma Jewellery Design Course. Part One is stand-alone taster course sessions.

  • DIPLOMA PART ONE: 6 Hours of tuition Delivered as 2x3 hours or 4x1.5 hours


Why do we recommend this?

Designing with CAD is a unique experience for everyone, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and sure this will work for you before committing to the full diploma tuition schedule.

PART ONE of our CAD Diploma course allows you to gain a basic understanding and some practical familiarity of how CAD is used in the Jewellery design process. This enables students to determine if this design method works for them.

Continuing the Diploma Tuition Schedule

Once you have completed the 6 hours of your Diploma Part One (Taster Sessions) you then contact us to book the remaining Diploma tuition.


  • Continuation with 18 hours of Diploma content (For Experienced Bench Jewellers)

  • Continuation with 24 hours of Diploma content (For CAD complete beginners and non-Bench Jewellers)

Once you have successfully completed either of these continuation sessions you then receive your CAD Rhino for Jewellery Design Diploma Certificate.

Jewellers may choose to undertake the more comprehensive continuation if they would prefer a total of 30 hours of guided tuition or 24 hours of continuation tuition after complete the taster session (6 hours)


See the division of course course costs per Diploma type below:


Jack R
CAD Jewellery Design Specialist & Goldsmith


CAD Diploma TASTER SESSIONS ONLY - Suitable for anyone

  • Diploma Course PART 1 ONLY  

£420 (6 Hours as 2x6 hours or 4x1.5 hours)                                       

Continuation of DIPLOMA 24 Jeweller
  • Diploma Course PART 2, 3 & 4 ONLY

£1100 (18 Hours )

FULL DIPLOMA 24 Jeweller Content
  • All Parts 1 to 4

£1520 (24 Hours)

Continuation of DIPLOMA 30 Beginner or non-Bench Jeweller content
  • Diploma Course PART 2,3,4 & 5 ONLY

£1460 (24 Hours)

FULL DIPLOMA 30 Beginner or non-Bench Jeweller content
  • All Parts 1 to 5

£1880 (30 Hours)

Course Fee Notes

  • International Students| An IBAN or Paypal banking is applicable. Please ask for details.

  • Instalments: Students may pay in instalments prior to the course start date. Please ask for details.

  • Vat/Tax not applicable

Additional Information

What is the course date?

This course is part-time and it is arranged upon request.

We will provide some start date options for you to choose from.


All dates / times of course sessions are subject to tutor availability.

Session start time are generally 9.30am,10am, 1pm GMT London Time but this can be adjusted slightly to suit, subject to tutor availability.

About Tuition

Online Courses

Tuition is interactive and fully guided by the tutor.

You will need to download the appropriate software onto your Computer or Laptop, see student guidelines below.

In-studio CAD Courses

On occasion it may be possible to arrange a face-to-face CAD tuition course, these offered dependant on tutor availability additional costs may be applicable. Please ask for details. London only.

About the Course Fee

A large portion of the course fee quoted is paid to the tutor, because, it’s their expertise that you pay for.


Where there is a selection of tutors,  course, fee's may vary due to individual tutor requirements for teaching.


In addition a there is a small fee for arranging your course which is included in the total course fee.


Make a Course Enquiry

Advise your details on the form provided. At this stage this is just an enquiry with no obligation to book.

You will receive full details to help you decide if you would like to book the course.

Make an Enquiry here >

Booking Information

Payment Terms

Payment is required in advance and payments are handled safely and securely by BACS Bank Transfer invoicing (IBAN for International students.


Some courses are available to pay in instalments, whereby a non-refundable deposit is required to book your course date. Please ask for details if this is of interest to you.


Booking Terms

  • Once you have booked a cancellation fee of £300  will be deducted from your refund if you cancel your course up to and including 14 days prior to the start of the course once your payment has been received.


  • Cancellations received within 14 days of the course date are not eligible for a refund, however you may re-arrange any of your course sessions for another date if you wish. 


  • Should we need to cancel your course sessions due to unforeseen circumstances we will refund your course fee in full.

Online CAD Student Minimum Requirement


You must have ALL of these requirements to proceed with this Online CAD course

1. Online tuition is delivered via Zoom meetings, you will now need to download Zoom onto your computer before the course. Shortly before your tuition starts your tutor will text or email the meeting link for your tuition session.

2. You’ll need to WhatsApp audio (or similar) this may be required in the event communications are interrupted in real time during tuition.

3. You’ll need to be able to download the free trial version of CAD Rhino onto your computer which is available here


4. The course is arranged to start at a mutually convenient time usually starting at 10am London GMT time :  3 hour course  start time can be more flexible.

If you have any  issues with the downloads Jack will assist you, prior to the course

5. International students  – Please ensure your local time is compatible for learning with a tutor based in the UK. The tuition sessions may fall at any time between 10am and 6.30pm (UK GMT) to suit, subject to tutor availability.

6. International students  – The course tuition is in English only.


If you haven't found the information you are looking for or you want to ask a question about a course please make an enquiry.


Or you may text  a question to Dawn on #44 (0) 7703 287640

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