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Joan C / CAD Jewellery Designer 

Areas of expertise 
  • CAD Design | Softwares: Rhino, Matrix, Keyshot

  • Jewellery Industry Technologies

  • 3D Printing 

  • CAD Design development and consultancy

  • Rapid Prototyping consultancy

  • Experienced online Tutor



Joan is a Jewellery Designer and BA graduate who has studied Contemporary Jewellery design at Escola Massana in Barcelona.


From an early age he worked in the studio of his Father, well known Jeweller, Carles Codina and he was introduced to possibilities of CAD for contemporary design when he started using CAD technology at the early age of 15.

Continuing on with his exploration of CAD Design, Joan has undertaken many professional design courses including “Design for Industry” in 2011 at the prestigious School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University, UK.

Over the last 15 years he has explored the used of non-precious materials for 3D printing including Metals, Ceramics and Plastics, undertaking several Jewellery projects as part of his research including a project to replicate an intricate figurine using 3D Scanning Technology and Resin to create a final model.

Joan specialises in developing design ideas into commercial Jewellery products and he has worked with several well-known Jewellery Brands in the UK.  Additionally he enjoys also teaching Artists and Students who consult him about 3D printing their designs in non-precious materials.

Images: Copyright  tutor Joan C. All rights reserved


INTERACTIVE ONLINE TUITION  ONLY | Available in English or Spanish

Learn from Joan

To check Joan's availability and to obtain a quote for online tuition sessions with him, contact Dawn Meaden-Johnson at:

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