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Anna M | Ethical & Sustainable Goldsmith 

Areas of expertise 

All Fine Jewellery Techniques &

Specialising in:

  • Decorative textures for Jewellery

  • Ethical Business and Jewellery Workshop practises for Jewellers

Information of Note:

Certified Ethical Goldsmith (B Corp)

Images: Copyright tutor - all rights reserved


Anna is an award-winning Ethical Jeweller who is a BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing graduate of the prestigious BCU University School of Jewellery in Birmingham. Since her graduation in 2000, Anna’s fine jewellery work has been shown at several prestigious Exhibitions including at Desire;  Ferrers Gallery, New Designers and IJL amongst others.

As a student Anna won design awards from The Royal Society of Arts and The British Jewellery Association and in her Jewellery Business she has won an Index Award for research and refinement of recycling/remodelling Jewellery.

Throughout her life Anna has had a passion for nature and the environment and this is a constant influence personally and in her Jewellery Business where her environmental and sustainability ethos heavily influences her Anna Ethical Fine Jewellery brand philosophy and work practises.


In 2014 Anna was awarded Fairtrade status enabling her to work in provenance Fairtrade Gold and she continues to use precious metals with a a traceable supply chain.


In 2023,  Anna was one of very few UK Jewellers who have passed the challenging *B-Corp Ethical assessment to qualify for the prestigious B-Corp Certification, which is the Ethical Certification process for B Lab who are a global non-profit network aiming to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet, they are unique in their independent ability to measure a Company’s entire social and environmental impact.


Anna’s successful Jewellery brand showcases what can be achieved when you embrace “Eco” wholeheartedly as a lifestyle choice and truly consider the impact on the Planet throughout your Jewellery business practise.

Course Location 


Learn from Anna, one-to-one tuition

Tutor Courses

To check Melissa's availability and to obtain a quote for a 1-day one-to-one session with her, make an enquiry or  contact Dawn Meaden-Johnson at

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