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Marc J | Goldsmith 

Areas of expertise 
  • Fine Jewellery Techniques (Bench skills)

  • Stonesetting : Bezel, Claw/Prong, Channel & Flush

  • Polishing/Finishing

  • Wax Carving

  • Diamond Mounting

Images: Copyright tutor - all rights reserved


Initially Marc Johnson trained as a Jeweller at Plymouth College of Art, and he followed up these studies with a tailored Jewellery specific Degree Course comprising of BA (Narrative modules ) and HND (practical modules) at Birmingham City University School of Jewellery (BCU). Just before graduating from BCU Marc’s work was selected for the “ Cream of the Year” Exhibition, held annually by the prestigious Goldsmith Company in London.


Following his graduation in 2000 he was recommended for and gained a position as a Goldsmith with bespoke Jewellers Leif Design in Northumberland. Wishing to develop his skills further he then worked with Prism Design ( Ti2 ), eventually starting his own bespoke jewellery company in 2007.


After several successful years designing and making bespoke jewellery, Marc turned his attention to his interest in the engineering sector whilst the jewellery trade went through turbulent times, this new experience using various welding techniques, undertaking automotive restoration and being involved in manufacturing processes formed new creative inspirations and an interest in using laser technology in some aspects of his Jewellery work.


In 2021 Marc reignited his passion for artistic jewellery design and began creating bold contemporary jewellery pieces again for collections and for bespoke private commissions.


Marc also enjoys sharing his skills and expertise and on occasion as industry commitments permit, he offers one-to-one private tuition in his Hampshire Jewellery studio.



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