Polishing Techniques for Jewellery 

All tutors work are professional jewellers or are jewellery trade specialists who are willing to share their expertise and trade secrets.


Course Description


This course offers the perfect opportunity for you to obtain many hints and tips for a variety of polishing finishes.


Course content is guided by your training needs, Here are some suggestions for areas you might like to get help with;


  • Refine your techniques in traditional hand polishing and polishing

  • equipment; machine polishing, barrels.

  • Learn how to make best use of a variety of tools such as felt, brushes and mops

  • Explore some alternative finishes that can be achieved.


This course provides tuition on the preparation, polishing and cleaning of Jewellery to the standard required for retail sales.



Course Description
Course fPolishing Techniques for Jewellery
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A large portion of the course fee quoted is paid to the tutor. because, it’s their experience and expertise that you are paying for.


In addition a there is a small fee for arranging your course which is included in the total course fee. 

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The course date is for you to decide, subject to tutor availability.


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What is the course date?
About the materials

Note Re: Jewellery or metal objects to practise polishing techniques on during the course.


Tutor Collette W

You may bring your own Jewellery only items to polish or the tutor can provide some.


Tutor Stephen M Goldsmith & John D  - These  tutors cannot provide any sample items to polish, you MUST  bring your own.


Important Note

Despite the use of extraction it is inevitable that some dust particles will be in the air. Anyone with a medical condition who could be affected is advised to consult their doctor before attending a Polishing Course.

Course Location
Tutors & Course Fee
Tutor Experience


Collette W

Polishing Jewellery Only (For Designer Makers)


Vat not applicable


John D

Course Fee: Available upon request


Stephen M Goldsmith

MASTERCLASS - Polishing Jewellery or Silverware.

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Course Fee: Available upon request

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Only expert tutors



Your tutor will only be an established highly skilled Goldsmith or Jewellery Industry professional.


Practical courses are taught in the workshop of your tutor. This will give you the added benefit of seeing first-hand how they carry-out their own professional trade practise.


  • See how their workshop is set up.


  • See which tools they find invaluable.


  • Find out some of their trade secrets.

Practical Matters


Workshop Hours


Flexible to suit, usually 9.30am to 4.30pm


Lunch is not provided so you'll need to  bring a packed lunch to suit your own dietary requirments.


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Please make an general course enquiry or request a Course Information sheet. 

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Courses are individually tailored to suit your skill level and requirements wherever technically possible and feasible in the time allowed on the day of your course, as determined by the tutor.


When making a course enquiry please provide as much information as you can about what you want to acheive on your course.


All your information will better prepare the tutor so that you can obtain the best possible course experience.


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  • Cancellations received within 14 days of the course date are not eligible for a refund, however you may re-arrange your course for another date if you wish. 


  • Should I need to cancel your course due to unforeseen circumstances I will refund your course fee in full.


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