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Morgan M / CAD:CAM Jewellery Designer

Areas of expertise 

CAD Z Brush 

  • low relief sculpting

  • charm sculpting

  • ornate shoulders

  • hollowing and other boolean skills

  • pave and mise a jour

  • 3d print principles and prep

  • processing scanned data


  • Tutor: Cad Skills via Skype only


Morgan M is an associate member of The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths and an award winning designer.


Originally a Graphic Designer, he was inspired by a visit to IJL (International Jewellery London)  to develop his expertise into the area of jewellery by using CAD/CAM technology to sculpt models and create stunning jewellery. 


This cross-over of creative skills have secured him several Goldsmith and Craftmanship awards including; Gold Award for 2D CAD presentation, Commendation for use of technology, and Commendation for 3d Sculpture.


He has shared his skills by teaching as a University visiting lecturer, and he continues to teach CAD/CAM on one-to-one bespoke courses. 


Learn from Morgan

To check Morgan's availability and to obtain a quote for a 1-day one-to-one session with him, contact Dawn Meaden-Johnson at :

Images: Copyright tutor Morgan M, all rights reserved.

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