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Alexis S | Jeweller & Website, Branding
and Design Specialist

Areas of expertise 
  • Design: Graphic; Website, Interiors, Jewellery, Product

  • Branding & Communication (Brand Reinforcement)

  • Jewellery and silversmithing

  • Artworking & Sketching

  • Business Management

  • Customer Service

  • Experienced Tutor



Images: Copyright tutor - all rights reserved

Alexis is an experienced designer, tutor and silversmith and the face behind the vibrant and bold jewellery brand, Bonnie Magpie launched recently it is a brand dedicated to designing and producing jewellery that empowers and delights, strong, independent women.


Alexis has taught design, at both Napier University and at the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art, with a focus on strategy and visual communication; helping students understand audiences and how to communicate their work in a focused and relevant way.


A lifelong maker, Alexis was born and raised in Edinburgh. She galvanised her love of creativity and making when studying for her degree, a BDes in Design, from Napier University. Graduating in 2002 and Alexis has been working in a creative capacity ever since.

In 2008 Alexis started an interior design business, where she helped clients to express themselves with texture, pattern, and colour through the creation of meaningful spaces. This extended into a successful holiday rental business in the heart of Edinburgh, which allowed her to use her design skills to create wonderful experiences for visitors in quirky, exciting, and joyful spaces.


As a visual learner herself Alexis understands the importance of teaching creative students in an interactive and engaging way. The power of visual consistency to reinforce meaning and sense making is vital for any business.


Alexis can help students understand how to improve their communication to target appropriate audiences and create a strong link between their work and their brand. A  straightforward approach gets to the bottom of learners goals; through practical tasks you will build tangible tools to make your online presence compelling and easy to manage.


ONLINE 1:1 Tuition only

Learn from Alexis, one-to-one online tuition

To check the availability of Alexis and to obtain more information about a course with her, please make an enquiry or  contact Dawn Meaden-Johnson at

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