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Mark Fenn | Narrative Jewellery Specialist & Author 



  • Narrative Jeweller & Consultant

  • Jewellery Fine Techniques

  • Flush and Tube Setting

  • Keum Boo

Areas of expertise 


Mark is an award winning contemporary Gold and Silversmith with over 30 year’s industry  experience, originally a BA graduate of Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery at The University of Creative Arts (UCA)


In 2016 he was commissioned to create a group of snapps vessels for the prestigious Remembering 1916 WWI exhibition at The Whitgift School. Mark’s work is sold nationally, has been exhibited nationally and internationally and his work has been recognised by The Crafts Council. Mark also has a passion for Art conservation and was awarded one of the 3 professional placement places for working on the Staffordshire Hoard.

In particular Marks studio work is informed by the narrative and the personal and he uses a variety of techniques including Keum Boo, Enamelling and Forging in his work. He is the Author of Narrative Jewellery which was published in 2017.


Mark describes himself as Jeweller, Author and Educator. His practice and Narrative Jewellery expertise is respected in the UK Jewellery World.


Practical Courses in-studio in South Wales

Narrative Jewellery Consultancy - Online

Learn from Mark

To check Mark's availability please make a no obligation enquiry 


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