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Stuart P | Gemmologist &

Ethical Gemstone Specialist

Areas of expertise 
  • Fair Trade: Gemstones & Metals -  Ethics, Traceability & Disclosure

  • Fair Trade Industry bodies & legislation

  • Gemstone source countries & UK suppliers

  • Gemstone mining  & ecology

  • The science of Gemmology



Stuart P is a successful businessman whose keen interest in geology and gemmology led to him co-founding a successful Ethical Gemstone Mining and Trading Company. Focusing on fully traceable gemstones that are sourced primarily from a carefully selected and trusted network of artisanal small-scale mines (ASM) in Sri Lanka, which have a low impact on the environment.

Artisanal Mines

These mines are typically operated by a group of 6-10 miners, using traditional methods to extract stones such as sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, garnets, tourmaline, spinel and amethyst. By keeping their mines small scale and collaborating with other similar Sri Lankan mine owners, they are able to maintain full control over the entire supply chain ("mine to market") as well as follow responsible sourcing practices.


Stuart advises, “Using local Sri Lankan suppliers and supporting charitable projects is also a key part of our business. One of the charities supported is the Emerge Lanka Foundation, which offers life skills and mentor Programmes to disadvantaged women in Sri Lanka and uses jewellery design as part of its curriculum".


To strengthen his understanding of gemmology, Stuart undertook intensive instruction over many months, working closely with highly experienced, London-based, Sri Lankan gemmologist, Don Ariyaratna, FGA DGA.


As an advocate of Fair Trade practices, Stuart is co-founder of Fair Luxury, and Jewellery Industry organisation that encourages UK jewellers to support ethical buying practices via education, through teaching and delivering lectures.


South Coast | May be willing to travel for Lectures


Online via Zoom


Learn from Stuart  

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