CAD Rhino | How to Design a Fitted Wedding Ring





- Tuition from an experienced CAD Jewellery Designer 

- Online Convenient Learning |  6 Hours Private Tuition

 | AFTER COVID-19 PANDEMIC | Option to get this course face-to-face in a tutor's own studio 
Course Description

This course has been specially designed with the assistance of a successful CAD Jeweller to provide CAD Designers with essential design techniques.

The emphasis of this course is to learn how to effectively design a shaped or shadow band wedding ring to fit beautifully into an existing engagement ring.

With step-by-step guidance the tutor will demonstrate and guide your practice of Rhino tools and design techniques for creating a fitted wedding ring. 

Techniques covered;
•    Duplicate an existing rings profile/contours
•    Tolerances in Design
•    Positioning & Flowing of Curves
•    Using Project and Double Flow methods

This course is only suitable for those who already have some basic CAD Rhino Design Experience.

fitted wedding and engagement ring cad r
ONLINE COURSE Making a Fitted Wedding ri


The online CAD course works through free software which allows you to see the tutor’s computer screen and allows the tutor to see your computer screen.


Through this system you’ll be able to hear the tutor and ask questions, throughout.

Students will need to download software onto their computer to allow the teaching to proceed.

See below for further information and minimum student requirement

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Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, UK

Jack R
Professional CAD Designer & Goldsmith

Course Fee: £395
Vat/Tax not applicable


Other tutors/locations may be available

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