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  • Fine Jewellery manufacture 

  • Stonesetting

  • Diamond Mounting

  • PUK Welding / Jewellery Repairs

  • Vacuum Casting

  • Laser Welding,

  • Precious Metal Clay (PMC)

  • Lapidary (Stonecutting)

  • Very experienced tutor

Areas of expertise 

Andrew T / Goldsmith

Andrew has worked in the Jewellery Trade for over 40 years, he is a Goldsmith with a huge repertoire of skills, who uses a combination of traditional hand-skills along with jewellery industry technologies to create his collections of jewellery.


Familiar with a wide range of design styles he has also worked internationally creating prestigious collections in The Cayman Islands, Brazil and USA.

Andrew started his own UK manufacturing jewellery company in 2000 and is now the owner of two manufacturing jewellery shops in Sheffield.

An experienced tutor,  including a 10 year period as senior technical lecturer at Sheffield Hallam Jewellery & Silversmithing College,  Andrew is also an accredited PMC tutor.

He is an advocate of professional development in the Jewellery Industry who has created a large space in his workshop to allow him to share his trade skills by teaching.

Images copyright Tutor Andrew T.  All rights reserved



Learn from Andrew one-to-one

To check Andrews availability and to obtain a quote for a 1-day one-to-one course please email Dawn at

Stonesetting course notes
  • As Bespoke courses are individually taiored to suit you, castings and stones which are essential for practise are not included in the course fee. This is because you may like to bring your own items and stones to set.


  • If you prefer to buy stones and silver casting to practise setting direct from the tutor you must make a request IN ADVANCE  of your course, so that the tutor can order them for you.

If you are interesting in finding an experienced trade professional tutor to teach at your School or educational establishment please refer to the Find a Tutor page to find out how this service works.

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