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Creative Professional Development : Any skill level
  • OBTAIN the secrets of a professional trade experts by undertaking one day or more of a private tuition course
  • TUTORS are all experienced Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Jewellers, Designers or Industry Specialists​
  • LEARNING takes place in the tutor's own trade workshop. Other options are available.
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  COVID-19  & Keeping you safe   

 When you visit the workshops of our tutors for a course please be reassured they are following Public Heath England Guidelines to keep you safe.
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New Jewellery techniques, all skill levels

WHY?   To help you develop exclusive new designs or develop a range of jewellery especially for your customers.


Learn in the workshop of an Industry professional 

WHY?   See how an experienced jewellery industry professional has set up and successfully uses their own workshop and ask about their suppliers. All this could help you be more efficient.


Tips from experienced Goldsmiths, Silversmiths & other Jewellery Industry specialists 

WHY?    To take the opportunity to learn valuable information that can progress your skills and help develop your own work much quicker.

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CAD Jewellery Design Foundation Course

Learn how to design Jewellery using CAD Rhino.
Flexible online tuition
24 Hours of interactive tuition + your practise over a 4 week period.

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 How to be a Jewellery Designer​

 Course Fee from £295

1 Day Course | Private Tuition
This specially designed one day course has been created to to help beginners try out being a Jewellery Designer for a day at a local professional jewellers workshop.




YOU CHOOSE | What, when and where to learn.

YOUR WORK | We understand how important and individual your work is, that's why all jewellery courses are private tuition.

YOU | Get the tutor all to yourself. Ask questions relevant to your work, overcome technical issues, work on your own project, be inspired.

YOUR LEARNING | Your course content is tailored to create the best learning for you. COURSES >



TUTORS | Your tutor will only be an established highly skilled Goldsmith or Jewellery Industry specialist/professional.

TOGETHER |We work with a group of the nations finest industry experts willing to share their expertise and tips of the trade by teaching in their own workshop or studio.

INTRODUCING | Nick, (left image) is a Master Goldsmith based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter who has over 30 year's experience as a Diamond Mounter working in the trade and he's also an experienced tutor. He is one of our group of tutors, carefully selected by invitation only, who are available to teach you.

A wealth of knowledge waiting for you. TUTORS >



WHO | I'm Dawn Meaden-Johnson, this is my training company and I'm a Jeweller and Industry Training Consultant. 
WHY US|It really matters to me that you receive a high quality professional learning experience whatever your skill level. Our Jewellery tutors are specially invited by me to work with you because they have demonstrated exceptional skill in their area of expertise. 

FUTURE PROOF | By developing and refining your work you can pushing your creative and technical boundaries and add value to your work, just doing this means you will be supporting other areas of our Industry and be contributing to the longevity of the UK jewellery Industry.  

PANEL OF EXPERTS| In addition to our group of national tutors, I  have invited some Industry  experts to form a Panel that I can call upon for technical back-up in specialist areas. SEE WHO >

WHAT WE DO | 3 Reasons why our Jewellery Industry courses can help you

Need assistance?

Speak to a Jewellery Training Consultant
Dawn Meaden-Johnson

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I'm the Founder of the Bespoke Jewellery Training Company &  I'm a Jeweller too.

  • CALL or TEXT |  Dawn on 07703 287640



Get ideas for a Course

Have a look at this comprehensive list of courses that could help you refine, or change the creative direction of your work. Courses >
1-Day courses are our standard but we can create courses of any duration to suit you.

Your Jewellery Business | Ask About

  • How to effectively marketing yourself or your brand.
  • How to become an Ethical Jewellery or Jewellery Brand
  • How to start manufacturing jewellery small scale with a mentor guiding your process.
  • Costing, Pricing and Profitability
Mentoring: Make an appointment for a 30 minute call >
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Discover helpful information

Get free resources, tips of the trade, read fascinating interviews and more.  Little Gems Blog > 


Seeing a Jewellery Industry professional practise their expertise and skills in their workshop environment could give you the best possible learning experience. You get to see how they work, how their workshop is set up and which equipment they favour and you get the opportunity to obtain the Trade Tips of a professional Gold or Silversmith which is geared towards the development your work.

One-to-one training is all about you

You decide wh...

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All Jewellery Industry Services

Obtain step-by-step private tuition from a knowledgable industry expert |  jewellery tutor
Private tuition courses with an Industry experienced Tutor

Get a course tailored to suit your work and brand.

Learn specific practical skills to help you develop new jewellery work.

Be inspired by an expert tutor. 





  • And more...

Stephen M Goldsmith| in-house consultant and Master Polisher at
In-house Consultancy

Jewellery Companies can get help with a technical issue and benefit from a consultancy from someone with trade expertise.


Ask a Jewellery industry Expert or Specialist to visit and provide your company with a training course or a consultancy.

Website Appeal
Customers & Clients

Designer Makers | Get a review of your  Jewellery website and find out if you have online customer appeal.

Ask an experienced customer service consultant and get tips for;

  • Improving your credibility as a maker

  • Making the right first impression

  • Maximising the sales potential of your website.


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During my years of Polishing I have looked after The Royal Family Silverware, worked on pieces belonging to Sultans and Kings from far and wide and I have polished many major sports trophies. I remember polishing the biggest silver bowl ever made for the Millennium and restoring the Americas Cup (as below) and making it look one hundred and...


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How to Futureproof your Jewellery business

Tradition, Technology  & Innovation

Utilising new technology such as CAD (3D printing)  and combining this with traditional bench skills for commercial jewellery ranges is the best way to maximise profit potential. 


Embracing technology, even in part is crucial for safeguarding the future of our Jewellery Industry businesses.

Adding value to your jewellery  work

Learning more from experienced Je