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Introduction to Innovative Design Mentoring for Jewellers  

For Jewellers, Jewellery Graduates & New Jewellers
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6 Hours of 1:1 Design Mentoring

Content is tailored for you, your Jewellery Designs and your Jewellery Business / Brand


LIMITED AVAILABILITY |  Just 5 places per year

You can join our waiting list if no places are available when you enquire

Who is your Innovative Jewellery Design Mentor?

This new Mentoring Masterclass initiative is an amazing opportunity for you to consult with Paul Spurgeon, one of the UK Jewellery Industries innovative and illustrious Designers and Goldsmiths.

His contemporary Jewellery Designs are internationally recognised, and he has received commendations for his work within the Jewellery Industry from many notable and esteemed associates including;

Peter Taylor, Director The Goldsmiths Centre and David Doyle, President of the NAJ.

Over the last 40 years Paul Spurgeon’s contemporary, innovative and elegant fine Jewellery designs have been commissioned and worn by the affluent, famous and distinguished including,   Elton John, and Bishop Rachel Treweek, amongst others. Paul is an award-winning Jeweller whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, individually and as part of project collaborations. He has been awarded Jewellery Designer of the Year twice and these are some of his iconic designs below.

Paul has a huge amount of Jewellery Industry expertise, from Innovative Jewellery Design & Manufacturing; Design & Brand Identity/Launch to Editorials and working with Jewellery Retailers.

During Paul’s career he has also worked with several prestigious Companies and Brands to create Jewellery Designs, Jewellery Collections and Objet d’Art , this includes including working with DeBeers along with other leading Jewellers to create a highly desirable collection of jewellery pieces launched into the World market.

Paul’s beautiful and pioneering designs have been sold in Boodle and Dunthorpe, Mikimoto, Harvey Nicholls, Mappin & Webb and many other prestigious Jewellery Retailers in the UK and Worldwide.

During his career Paul became aware of the benefits of Social Enterprise and he has been the leading light in creating a model and a Brand that supports Jewellery Makers in disadvantaged communities overseas. His collaborations have enabled makers to create a small self-sufficient Jewellery Businesses and Paul has worked extensively with both individuals and projects in South Africa, India, Japan and Afghanistan including, Cornerstone,  Just Fair and Aayenda a Fair-Trade Jewellery a brand that is sold globally and has international recognition

How can this Masterclass Course help you?

This introductory design mentoring masterclass course is specifically designed to help you achieve your design aspirations.

Being a Jewellery Designer is amazing and creatively rewarding, however it can be frustrating or disheartening at times when a design doesn't meet your expectations.


If you have a grand design and you are not sure how to go about developing your aspirational concept into a design that becomes what you need, is fit for manufacturing and that has potential to:

  • Elevate your Jewellery Brand

  • Become the inspiration for a new Jewellery Collection

  • Attract new customer types

  • Develops your skills as a Jeweller​

Paul  Spurgeon's Innovative Design Mentoring can help you focus on your design future and create a blueprint for your ambitions.

About Innovative Jewellery Design Mentoring 

  • The content of this Innovative Design Mentoring Masterclass is designed and delivered to you by Goldsmith Paul Spurgeon who has designed the session content.

  • This initial 6 hours (flexible) Design Mentoring Masterclass session introduces you to Paul Spurgeon and the possibilities for the evolution and/or diversification of your designs, brand direction and Jewellery Business with his mentoring and guidance.


  • An experienced  Jewellery Design mentor and confidant. Paul Sturgeon's  unique experience to date can not only offer you incredible insight but provide the perfect mentorship to help you create an initial blueprint for working towards the elevating of your designs and/or business aspirations.

  • During your mentoring sessions you’ll gain an understanding about the potential of Paul’s tailored mentorship and what that might mean for your Jewellery Business Brand aspirations in future.

Design Mentoring | What you can expect 

Intro to Innovative Jewellery Design Mentoring 
6 Hour Content Summary

Paul Spurgeon Designs BW 5_edited_edited


Your 6 Hours of Innovative Design Mentoring sessions with Paul cover the following areas;

Young Jeweller 02.jpg

Discussing your Jewellery Designs and Brand ethos and what you have achieved so far.

Model in Vibrant Pattern

Discussing what your ambitions or aspirations in the Jewellery Industry are.

Silver Rings

Discussing what your philosophy is, and in brief how this could be transformed into the aesthetic dream you have in mind.

Ideal Customers collage.jpg

Discussing who you believe your ideal target clientele/customers are and if your Jewellery designs harmonise with their expectations.

White and Yellow Gold Ring

Discussing why a design might not meet your physical expectations or adding design features that you need but are not sure how to achieve.

Online Live Zoom Session
6 Hours


2 x3 Flexible live online sessions with Paul

Session Cost
£425 GBP
Make an enquiry below
Nottingham UK
1 Day (6 Hours)


Visit Paul in his own Jewellery Studio in Nottingham.

Session Cost
£425 GBP
Make an enquiry below
Visiting Tutor UK
1-Day (6 Hours)


Paul visits your studio in or premises in the UK for your 6 hour mentoring session.

Additional cost for expenses applies.

Ask for details.

Session Cost
£425 GBP + Expenses
Make an enquiry below
Visiting Tutor

International Sites


Paul visits your studio overseas.

Additional cost for expenses applies.

Ask for details

If you request this you may like to extend the 6 hours standard mentoring time. Additional fees apply.

Session Cost

Price upon request
Make an enquiry below.

Mentoring Session Cost & Delivery Options

Innovative Jewellery Design Mentoring
Who can apply?

Anyone who is making Jewellery can apply

Anyone creating and selling their Jewellery or their Jewellery Designs can apply for our Innovative Jewellery Design Mentoring, there is no specific criteria for applicants other than being a creator of Jewellery.

For Jewellery Graduates and new Jewellers
Get support on design development  and brand strategy

For Jewellers 
Get help with design strategies to help grow your brand and business.

Do you feel you are struggling with the following issues?

  • Your Design Development or Collections plans  have stalled

  • You have lost confidence in your designs or design aspirations

  • Your full collection of designs don't seem to have a collective brand design style and you need help to curate a collection or collections of meaning.

  • You need help with design concerns regarding manufacturing and you are not sure how to move forward

Course strip.jpg

If any of the above design concerns feel familiar to you, then this 6 introductory hours of Design Mentoring with Paul Spurgeon is the perfect Mentoring course for you.


Make an Enquiry here

Apply for this Mentoring Course

  • Advise your details on this form.

  • We will email you an information Pdf and advise if there are available places.

Innovative Design Mentoring
Enquiry Form

Thanks for submitting!

Introduction to Innovative Jewellery Design Mentoring 
Payment & Booking Information

Payment is required in advanced please by BACS Bank Transfer invoice.

Vat/ Tax is not applicable.

International students pay via Paypal, an administration fee applies and you will be advised of the cost in advance of booking. This cost will be added to your invoice.

Tutor Visits

No refund is applicable for mentoring or for tutor expenses once you have paid, should you need to cancel a Visiting Tutor Booking. An alternative date may be arranged, subject to tutor availability.

Cancellation Fee

Once you have booked a the Introduction to Innovative Design Mentoring course a cancellation fee of £140 will be deducted from your refund if you cancel your Mentoring  up to and including 14 days prior to the start of the Mentoring start date once your payment has been received.


Cancellations received within 14 days of the start date are not eligible for a refund, however you may rearrange your start date for another date within 3 months of the original date if you wish. 


Should we need to cancel your online or In-studio Mentoring Session before the start date due to unforeseen circumstances we will refund your payment in full, or proportionally for any sessions your Mentor is not able to deliver a session and a cancellation is unavoidable.

How to develop jewellery designs
where to get help designing jewellery

What next?

New Beginnings Jewellery Design Mentoring 

(Separate Purchase)
Course strip new beginnings.jpg

Mentoring Content is tailored;
- For you
- For your Jewellery Designs
- For your Jewellery Business / Brand
- You Book per hour or as Block Hours

New Beginnings Mentoring is the next step on from Introduction to Innovative Design Mentoring advised above.

Students must book Introduction to Innovative Design Mentoring first.

jewellery design mentoring opportunity
How to find business mentoring from a Jewellery Industry expert
Pearl ring PS 400.jpg

New Beginnings Jewellery Design Mentoring 

After undertaking the initial  Introduction to Innovative Design Mentoring  6 hour mentoring course above you may be offered the further opportunity for ongoing Innovative Design Mentoring with Paul Spurgeon.

If you are offered this unique opportunity Paul will then create tailor-made content for future mentoring sessions following an initial plan you have agreed.

  • The New Beginings Mentoring sessions must be booked directly with Paul Spurgeon to ensure a flexible schedule that mutually fits in with the demands of your businesses.


  • You pay Paul direct for these New Beginnings Mentoring sessions by the hour or you may like to book block hours with Paul Spurgeon to cover a specific project you have in mind.

New Beginnings Design Mentoring sessions can include more in-depth or additional areas of mentoring such as:

  • Design/ Brand Evolution and Identity

  • Taking advantage of Trade Shows

  • Exhibiting

  • Design/Collection Development

  • Considering design manufacturing

  • Trade Recommendations/Connections

  • Collaborative works

  • Designing for Target Clientele

  • Retail

  • Refining Bench skills

All of the Jewellery images on this page are by kind permission of Paul Spurgeon. All rights reserved


If you haven't found the information you are looking for or you want to ask a question about this mentoring programme or a course please make an enquiry. 

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