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Get Started | Small Scale Jewellery Manufacturing

- Learn how to obtain an efficient, profitable small scale production line

- 4 Mentored course sessions of private tuition (Also available individually)

All tutors work as professional jewellers or are jewellery trade specialists who are willing to share their expertise and trade secrets with you.


How to make a commerical range of jewellery
"This live project is about learning a viable pathway for manufacturing Jewellery, learning what won’t work for your business as much as what will"
How to create a commercial jewellery range
How to be a more profitable jeweller
  • Converting a successful handmade jewellery design into a profit making production line piece can be a daunting prospect and  this course has been specially designed to provide guidance and ongoing support to help you get started. 


  • You’ll receive the help of a mentor, A tutor who is a seasoned experienced Jewellery Industry professional who specialises in rapid prototyping methods for Jewellery production and they will guide your progress during the 4 part course series.


Consultation | Design | Pre-Manufacture | Post Manufacture

Through a series four course sessions of one-to-one consultations that take place in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, you will be able to choose and discuss one of your designs for rapid prototyping and with step-by-step tutor guidance you'll create a working strategy to guide your journey into small scale jewellery manufacturing.


The aim this series of four course sessions is to:


  • Create an immediate pathway into commercial manufacturing for one product. Your mentor will guide your progress and help you find solutions that work for your business during the process.

  • Use information and methods learned to create a standard business practice/model for future manufacturing projects.

  • Obtain invaluable Trade connections for manufacturing, outsourcing and supply.


This series of four mentored courses session is designed to be a live design and production project.      



Actual manufacturing & material costs are NOT included in any of the course fees advised, because they cannot be determined in advance for a bespoke course. The fees advised are for consultancy/tuition only.

Course Session Descriptions

How to outsource jewellery production


Course Session 1 : Duration Up to 3 hrs

Session preparation

For this first consultation session you need to bring along either your hand-made prototype piece or your drawings, you need these because they will form the basis for discussion with the tutor about the real potential for their manufacture.

With tutor guidance you’ll select a design to use for the purposes of this project.

Your chosen design is not hugely important because it will be used as a vehicle only for the purposes of manufacturing via rapid prototyping, to show the result and effect of the whole process.

During this consultation session you’ll be discussing;

  • The Pros and Cons of potential methods for manufacture and the approximate timeline of these

  • Designing for Rapid Prototyping - CAD (Computer aided design) Outsource or not?

  • General cost implications

  • The materials (Metals) choices

  • An overview of potential hazards

  • Outsourcing- Your strengths and weakness

  • Outsourcing & Trade Connections – Discuss which companies could have the potential to help you with your manufacturing

  • How designing for manufacture differs from designing for hand-made product



From the notes you make during the session you will be able to formulate a summary of the options discussed during your mentoring session.

You will then be armed with information you need to confidently make informed decisions about the CAD design process for a commercial piece, and to start researching the costs of your preferred manufacturing method.

Course Fee £295 GBP

Tutor Options

Course Type and/or
Workshop Location 
(When available)

Tutors & Course Fee

Tutor Experience

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, UK

Jack R
Professional CAD Designer & Goldsmith


Other tutors/locations may be available

How to design a commercial jewellery range


Course Session 2 : Duration Up to 3 hrs

Session preparation

This important second session will be about your CAD design which must be ready for the tutor to review because you will be discussing how this design may or may not work as you expect, in costing and as a viable / effective master model.

IMPORTANT: This session assumes you have some basic knowledge of CAD Rhino software for design so that you can produce a CAD design for review, however if you have no CAD Design experience you may make an arrangement to outsource your CAD design to the tutor.

For this option additional costs will apply that are paid direct to the tutor, who will provide a quote for the cost of the design.

You must researched manufacturing methods (as discussed in your previous session)and costs have decided which method of manufacture you have chosen.


During this session, your tutor will make suggestions to help you address any design issues affecting viable costing that have arisen during your manufacturing costing research.



After the course session you will have received suggestions for making your design more viable, enabling you to make changes* and re-visit the costing of your manufacturing process.



Separately to this course session you may make an arrangement to outsource your CAD design revisions to the tutor if you wish. You pay the tutor directly for any design work they undertake on your behalf.

Course Fee £320 GBP

Tutor Options

Course Type and/or
Workshop Location 
(When available)

Tutors & Course Fee

Tutor Experience

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, UK

Jack R
Professional CAD Designer & Goldsmith


Other tutors/locations may be available

Practical guidelines for cad jewellery production


Course Session 3 : Duration Up to 2.5 hrs

This session is designed to help you finalise manufacturing decisions/details so that the next stage of production is  ready to start.

This session is designed to help you finalise manufacturing decisions/details so that the next stage of production is  ready to start.


Session preparation

With your CAD Design now complete and revised according to your aesthetic and financial constraints and industry practical/technical guidelines for model making you will;

  • Discuss your final manufacturing research findings, obtain guidance about any issues arising and decide how to get started on the next stage of manufacture.

  • Review your costings and profit potential and obtain guidance on areas that may be improved

  • Discuss material (Metal) issues or options

  • Discuss how to test the method of manufacture before committing to full production

  • Finishing – Decide what needs to done to make the finished product ready for the retail market and discuss cost implications and/or outsourcing options.



At the end of this consultancy session you should have a clear plan for manufacturing and be able to get started immediately with your chose manufacturing processes on your own initiative.

Course Fee £285 GBP

Tutor Options

Course Type and/or
Workshop Location 
(When available)

Tutors & Course Fee

Tutor Experience

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, UK

Jack R
Professional CAD Designer & Goldsmith


Other tutors/locations may be available

Howto overcome quality issues with Cad jewellery designs


Course Session 4 : Duration Up to 3 hrs

This consultancy session has been designed to help you over-come any quality issues that may have arisen during the manufacturing process and discuss the possibilities for a solution by revisiting the CAD design or outsourcing finishing in order to refine your rapid prototyping business model.                                                   

Session Preparation

Bring along your unfinished the cast master model of your project design.


  • Discuss quality issues that may have arisen during your manufacturing process and what the possibilities for a solution by revisiting the CAD design.

  • Decide on a finishing process : How and who

  • Obtain tips for dealing with supplier and retailers.

  • Project overview - Discuss any changes that may be needed to your future rapid prototyping business model.



Through the journey of this live project you will have created a business model for small scale jewellery manufacturing by obtaining an understanding of the processes and possibilities and made useful links with industry professionals who can to assist your future manufacturing projects.

your future rapid prototyping business model.

Course Fee £320 GBP

Tutor Options

Course Type and/or
Workshop Location 
(When available)

Tutors & Course Fee

Tutor Experience

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, UK

Jack R
Professional CAD Designer & Goldsmith


Other tutors/locations may be available


Instalment payments option available - Ask for details

Courses may be also be booked individually



Make a Course Enquiry


  • Advise your details on the form provided.

  • At this stage this is just an enquiry with no obligation to book. 

Make an Enquiry >

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How can this course series help you be a more successful Jeweller?


The success of this project will be driven by your determination.


Your willingness to make decisions AND take action guided by discussions with your mentor/tutor undertaken during the course sessions, will create the best environment for success.


Your courses session mentor will always be an experienced jewellery industry professional.


The tutor will not make arrangements or decisions for you, they will guide the process only and ensure as much as is feasible that your manufacturing route is suitable.

All sessions are private consultations.


Embracing professional development and Technology has the potential to take your business to the next level.


This series has been developed so that you can undertake each course individually and in a flexible way to suit your budget and business. Small steps forward, building confidence as you become more informed.

General Course Information & Booking 
What is the course date?

The course session dates are for you to decide, subject to tutor availability.


Simply enquire about a couple of preferred course date options for your FIRST course session and make an enquiry about getting started.

Further course sessions as described in course descriptions can either be booked in advance at the beginning or booked as you go along the course series.

Designerr Maker_MFR Sketch_ Drawing _02_
About Materials

Any materials ARE NOT

 included in the course fee 


This is because the course sessions are tailored to suit your needs.


Materials may not be relevent to a course session but if you do need to use them amount cannot be determined beforehand because your project is bespoke.

Course time frame

It is recommend that you set the 4 course session dates in advance so that you can be focused on completing the project in order to benefit from the course as intended by its design.

This will help you plan and prepare course work for each next session without negatively affecting your existing business commitments.

  • The full course series is intended to be completed in a 7-8 month time period, you may shorten this time frame if you wish.

  • You may book each course session individually if you wish.


Course dates

  • You decide on each course session date subject to tutor availability – make a date request to suit.

  • Only your payment of each course session will fix the date in the tutor’s diary.

  • You must have paid in full for each course session before the start date for that course session to proceed as planned.

  • Each individual course session is arranged by Dawn Meaden-Johnson at The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company.


Course date changes

Once a course session is confirmed to you may rearrange each course session (1 to 4) once only. After that a £25 session re-arrangement fee will be applicable and you will be asked to pay this in advance in order to confirm a new course session date with the tutor.

See below for the Cancellation Policy.


Project Options

1. Add Additional hours to an individual Course Session

Following your first session with the tutor you may request and pay to increase the hours of each session time up to a maximum of 6 hours per session. Subject to tutor availability. You must provide at least 2 weeks’ notice of your request if you would like to do this.

  • Each additional hour requested is payable in advance of the individual course session date. Please contact us for a quote.

  • If a course session is over 3.5 hours, you must allow for a short lunch break, which you do not pay for.


2. Shorten Course Series time frame

You may reduce the recommended total course time frame of 7/8 months, subject to tutor availability.


3. Pay by Instalments

Subject to the terms below;

  • Your first payment must be £350, this is required to fix the date of the first course session.

  • You may pay by as many instalments as you wish for the complete course series. However you must pay each course session fee in full (£ as shown above) at least 7 days before their individual start date.

  • Your course will be cancelled if your full payment is not received by the deadline advised.


Cancellation Policy

Once you have paid for the first and each subsequent course sessions a cancellation fee of £95 for each course session will be deducted from your refund if you cancel your course session prior to the start of the course date.


Cancellations received within 14 days of a course session date are not eligible for a refund, however you may request to re-arrange your course session ONCE at no extra cost for another date if you wish, subject to tutor availability.


Should we need to cancel your course due to unforeseen circumstances we will refund your course fee in full. See important note below.


Important Note

We cannot be held responsible for any of your travel or accommodation expenses in the event of an unforeseen course session cancellation, therefore if you think you may be affected by this you should contact your own Insurance Company for advice BEFORE booking.

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If you haven't found the information you are looking for or you want to ask a question about a course please make an enquiry.


Or you may text  a question to Dawn on 07703 287640

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