Develop & Illustrate your Jewellery Design Ideas

- Tuition from an experienced Jewellery / Artist 

- Online Convenient Learning 

- Total of 22 Hours part-time, one-to-one interactive tuition

- Courses also available individually

Jewellery Design Foundation course at Th

Jewellery Design 


  • Generate & Develop Design Ideas

  • Illustrate with Sketches

  • Improve Techniques for Hand Drawing

  • Gemstone Selection 

 Option to get this course face-to-face in a tutor's own studio 

INTRODUCTION | Why Develop your Jewellery Design Skills

This Jewellery Design Foundation course of step-by-step tutor instruction has been specially designed to introduce creatives to the best kept secrets for designing Jewellery. 
Our tutors for this course are some of the finest in the UK Jewellery Industry and they are sharing their expertise to help you get started.

Comprising of three parts, this course has been specially designed to take beginners on a learning journey for designing and drawing Jewellery, by introducing the methods and techniques used by professional Jewellers. The emphasis of the tuition is on the methods for generating original designs, developing design ideas and how to present designs in a confident manner via beautifully hand rendered, recognisable jewellery drawings that can be used to showcase ideas or create a working portfolio.

TUTORS | Expertise

The tutors are all highly experienced in their areas of expertise and they have helped many students learn how to begin designing Jewellery.

DURATION | For Confidence & Competence

The courses set our below are what we recommend for Jewellery Design Beginners, however each of the courses are also available as individual courses for students who may need a refresher course or prefer the flexibility of spacing out their learning.

Undertaking the entire Foundation course series equates to 21 hours of student practise, which includes student homework tasks.

CONTENT | Interactive & Tailored

Our course  are designed to be interactive and therefore the content specifics and /or discussions may be tailored to suit students creative preferences as time permits as determined by the tutor.

CERTIFICATE | CPD Continuous Professional or Creative Development

On your Foundation Course completion we provide a PDF Course Certificate to record your Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Your certificate includes information about your tutor’s expertise, which is important for proving the quality of your tuition and the credibility of your learning experience.


On this course with step-by-step guided tuition, the areas covered specially designed to provide you with resources and essential techniques that will help inform your development into a successful Jewellery Designer. 

  • Using free resources to generate Jewellery Designs

  • Observation for Design

  • Developing design ideas and showing design transitions in simple form

  • Learning effective sketching techniques for communicating design ideas

  • Developing drawing techniques and use of colour

  • Designing with appropriate Gemstone selections

All these areas are critical for enhancing design thinking and development, successfully communicating design ideas to clients and for creating a cohesive portfolio of designs. 



ONLINE | Interactive Tuition student information

This course is delivered via Zoom conferencing, the tutor will text or email you a link with the meeting number to join your course meeting about 30 minutes before the start time.


We recommend you join  in advance of your course (This is free of charge) this will make joining your course session a quicker process when the tutor sends you the link.

Prior to your course the tutor will contact you to introduce themselves discuss the course content if necessary. 

Session Time:

Start time 10am (GMT London time) Can be flexible


Anytime between 10am - 1pm for 3 or 4 hour duration courses. (GMT London time)

Session Date: Arranged to suit subject to tutor availability

Language: English

COURSE PART 1 | Introduction to Jewellery Design

Tuition| 4 hours as 2x 2 Hour sessions + homework task 
  • Introduction to design resources

  • Critical observation techniques: Pattern, Shape, Form etc

  • Collating ideas & Essential tips for using a Mood Board

  • Developing design ideas

  • Task set for homework practice

On your first course session, you will explore how patterns and shapes can be transformed into design ideas and with tutor guidance explore how stories, text, language or interactions with your environment can also prompt a narrative for new design ideas. You will also learn about collage mood boards, why they are useful tool and how to use them to successfully capture your inspirations.


Following the first course session the tutor will provide you with a small homework project to practise the techniques covered.


In your second course session you will review ideas and the tutor will introduce you to basic methods for converting a design concept into a real design idea via simple sketchbook design development, the emphasis on this second session being on the importance of recording your ideas in a simple way, to initially avoid being limited by drawing methods.


No previous experience of Jewellery making or design is required for this course, which is open to anyone who would like to explore creating thinking to create design ideas and developing these into real designs.

MATERIALS |All course materials required will be advised by the tutor in advance of the course. You will need these to take part in the course.



The emphasis of this course is for you to gain an understanding of the design process. Firstly  by learning to observe the World differently appreciate its beauty and imperfections to find basic ideas for Jewellery, and learn techniques for developing these concepts constructively to create original jewellery designs.

COURSE FEE £240 vat/ tax not applicable


This 4 hour online course is available to book as a stand-alone online course.


Extended course in a studio location (UK) - course of 6 hours tuition | Details >

Tutor Options

Tuition Type / Location
Tutor Images & Experience

ONLINE or North Yorkshire

Zoe P

Professional  Jewellery Designer & Maker

ONLINE or Nottinghamshire

Dave G

Professional Jeweller & Designer

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COURSE PART 2  |Introduction to Jewellery Design Sketching  

Tuition| 6 hours as 2x 3 Hour sessions + homework task 
  • Sketching techniques for critical shapes

  • The importance of perspective

  •  Basic shading techniques

  • Drawing reflective surfaces

  • Basics of using tinted paper & coloured pencils

  • How to create basic recognisable gemstone shapes

  • Task set for homework practise

Following on from Foundation Course part 1, the tutor guides your practical introduction and exploration of on the effective use of sketches to illustrate your ideas for Jewellery.


At the beginning of your course, the tutor will firstly explain essential drawing methods via demonstrations and then, with step-by-step tutor guidance you will then complete some practical pencil sketches. These sketching tasks will provide important practical techniques for effective sketching of important shapes using perspective and shading to create simple shape combinations. Techniques for creating simple gemstone shapes will also be included.

There will also be a brief introduction and practise of using pencil on tinted paper and simple use of coloured pencils, another option for creating jewellery design sketches to communicate your ideas.

In between the course sessions the tutor will provide you with a small homework project to practise the techniques covered.

MATERIALS |All course materials required will be advised by the tutor in advance of the course. You will need these to take part in the course.


The content of this course lays down the important foundations for the drawing techniques required to effectively create recognisable simple Jewellery design sketches.

COURSE FEE £320 Vat / Tax not applicable


This 6 hour online course is available to book as a stand-alone ONLINE course.


This course session is available in a Studio location (UK) | 6 Hours Tuition

Tutor Options

Tuition Type / Location
Tutor Images & Experience


Zoe P

Professional  Jewellery Designer & Maker