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Jinks McGrath is a highly acclaimed Jeweller, who is recognised as a leading designer and maker by Goldsmiths Hall, London where she has also exhibited.


She has over 30 years’ experience making and she shares her extensive knowledge by teaching and she has published a wide range of  books on Jewellery making techniques such as The Complete Jewellery Maker and The Jeweller’s Directory of Decorative Finishes, and First Steps in Enamelling amongst others.


Jinks specialises in forging techniques to create and re-cycle ingots for use in her work which importantly is handcrafted in precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver and she carefully selects precious and semi-precious stones to enhance her tactile designs.


Jinks has travelled the world extensively, her work is inspired by hand crafted jewellery from ancient civilisations, which she frequently exhibits nationally.


Areas of expertise 
Learn from Jinks one-to-one

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Jinks McGrath / Goldsmith

Jinks McGrath : Jewellery Courses
Jinks McGrath :Jewellery Courses
Jinks Mcgrath :Jewellery Courses
Jinks Mcgrath :Jewellery Courses

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