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The Metallurgy of Precious Metals in Jewellery

 3 Hours of  Private Tuition/Consultancy

With William H

Fine Metalwork Conservator. Professional Goldsmith, Metallurgist  and Gemmologist M.A. | F.N.A.J | P.J. Dip |  P.J.Gem.Dip.

William is a highly experienced Goldsmith and Gemmologist  who has a Masters Degree in Jewellery & Metals Conservation, a subject area he is passionate about. His conservation practice has encompassed an array of work on very wide and varied projects, ranging from Read more >

Course Description

Metallurgy | About Precious Metals

This three hour course delves into the fascinating world of Metallurgy.
Discover more about the noble precious metals used in the Jewellery Industry.

  • Silver 

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • Ask the tutor to include other metals of choice


Discover more about the origin, formation and properties of precious elements - Silver, Gold and Platinum which have been prized for thousands of years. 

Gain further understanding about the best use of metals and alloys for Jewellery manufacture. You may request a consultancy about a particular project if you wish.


Metallurgist, Goldsmith and Jewellery Restoration Specialist Historian William introduces you to the fascinating narrative of precious metals, he’ll also explain why and how they are used within the Jewellery Industry today and share some memorable moments of historical use.

A fascinating course designed to be tailored to suit individual learning requirements.

No previous knowledge of Jewellery is required to benefit from this course.

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William H: Goldsmith & Metallurgist

Course Fee: On request

Additional information

Course Content
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About the Materials

The tutor will provide  reference materials/notes for this course.


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