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Designing Jewellery for Manufacture

 3 Hours Private Tuition 

- Essential information if you intend to get Jewellery made from a design sketch

- Tuition from an experienced CAD/Jewellery Designer & Goldsmith 

Course Description

Designing Jewellery for Manufacture

Design for Manufacture online course at

This one-to-one course assists those with jewellery design ideas to the design methods used by CAD Jewellery Designers who create the specialist digital files required for getting Jewellery made.


During this course you will see and discuss how your design sketch is transformed into a genuine CAD drawing.

With Computer Aided Design (CAD)  used extensively used in the production process of Jewellery, the emphasis for this fully interactive course is to enable you to understand how a Jewellery sketch is converted into the feasible technical CAD Design STL file required for the Jewellery Manufacturing process.


In real time via tutor demonstration and discussion you will be comparing your own Jewellery sketch to the equivalent CAD design and as the design progresses you will gain important insight about design conversion, critical design principles for ensuring a design is wearable and also CAD design terminology for Jewellery production, all invaluable information for informing future design concept development.

Content includes:

  • How your design sketch is transformed into a genuine CAD drawing suitable for manufacture

  • Communicating design ideas/sketches to a CAD Designer - Required information 

  • Critical CAD Design methods and terminology

  • Overview of CAD for Jewellery Manufacturing


An exciting fully interactive private tuition course that is suitable for anyone considering outsourcing the manufacturing / production of their jewellery designs in future.


Important Notes | *Your Jewellery Sketches

  • *You must advise your intended Jewellery design sketches (at least 2) prior to the course, so that the tutor can review these and approve a design that has enough features to assist course content. Option: If you do not have a suitable example Jewellery design sketches to use for this course, the tutor can provide one to use as a means to teach course content.


  • If you wish your chosen design to be completed during the course session the tutor may need to suggest a more simplified version of your design to make this a feasible request. Alternatively you will have the option of purchasing additional three hour course sessions to complete the design or independently you may hire the tutor to complete the design for you.


Student Enrolment

Due to the nature of this course, the tutor must approve student enrolment. If you are interested in this course, we will arrange for the tutor to call you to discuss course content to make sure this course will be of benefit to you before you book.


3 Hours of interactive online tuition with an professional CAD Jeweller and Jewellery Manufacturing specialist.


The online CAD course works through free software which allows you to see the tutor’s computer screen and allows the tutor to see your computer screen.


Through this system you’ll be able to hear the tutor and ask questions, throughout.

Students will need to download free software onto their computer to allow the teaching to proceed.

SEE BELOW - Further information and minimum student requirement

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Tutors & Course Fee

Tutor Experience

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, UK

Jack R
Professional CAD Designer & Goldsmith

Course Fee: £275
Vat/Tax not applicable


Other tutors/locations may be available

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Tutor Options

Additional Course Information

What is the course date?

The course date is arranged to suit you so that you can undertake a tuition session at your convenience.


All dates / times of course sessions are subject to tutor availability.

Start time are generally 10am GMT London Time but this can be adjusted slightly to suit.

About Tuition

Student Enrollment

Before booking, to ensure this particular course will be of benefit to you, the course tutor will need to telephone/contact you to discuss the course content in brief.

Please make a course enquiry to arrange this.


Online Courses

Tuition is interactive and fully guided by the tutor.

With tutor guidance, you will need to download the appropriate software onto your Computer or Laptop, see student guidelines below.

Face-to-face Courses

You will being using the tutors laptop complete with software for this course.

About the Course Fee

A large portion of the course fee quoted is paid to the tutor, because, it’s their expertise that you pay for.

Where there is a selection of tutors,  course, fee's may vary due to individual tutor requirements for teaching.


In addition a there is a small fee for arranging your course which is included in the total course fee.


Course fee payment is required in advanced by BACS Bank Transfer invoice or IBAN for international students.

Vat/Tax is not applicable


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Booking Terms

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  • Cancellations received within 14 days of the course date are not eligible for a refund, however you may re-arrange your course for one other date if you wish. 


  • Should we need to cancel your course due to unforeseen circumstances we will refund your course fee in full.

* Amount is variable depending on the duration and type of the course.  When you enquire, out quote reply will provide the actual cancellation amount applicable. £75 applies to a standard one day course.



You must have ALL of these requirements to proceed with this course ONLINE

1.  To allow the tutor to teach you interactively, you will need to download free software onto your computer. Our tutors use a variety of software to teach depending on your chosen course,  therefore you may be asked to download software from or or join

SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD: If you have any  issues with the required software downloads, your tutor will advise and guide you accordingly in advance of your teaching session.   


2. You will need WhatsApp, Skype (or similar) for audio communication to ensure uninterrupted interactive tuition in real-time. 


3. With tutor guidance  you will need to download the free 90 day trial version on CAD Rhino onto your computer. 

4. International students  – Please ensure your local time is compatible for learning with a tutor based in the UK. The tuition sessions may fall at any time between 9.30am and 6.30pm (London Time GMT) to suit, subject to tutor availability. On occasion a tutor may be willing to be slightly flexible with the tuition time frame.

5. International students  – The course tuition is in English as standard. 


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