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Gem-A 5-Day Diamond Grading Practical Tuition Course with Exam (Part Diploma) 

A Gem-A Diamond Grading Practical  Short Course comprises of:

  • 1x 5-Day Diamond Grading Practical Short Course &

  • 1x Day Gem-A Examination

The tutor for this course is a professional Gemmologist and an accredited Gem-A tutor

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Course Description

This course follows the syllabus as laid out by the Gem-A (The Gemmological Association of Great Britain).

The following topic are covered in this 5-Day course:

The properties of cut, polished and rough diamonds

Colour and colour grading of Diamonds

Diamond Treatments

Diamond Cuts

Synthetic Gem Quality Diamonds

Diamond Simulants

Identification and observational methods

Carat Weight

Clarity Grading

Cut Grading


The adjacent day following the course should be reserved by you for the examination.

Course Fee, Location & Date

Please read the important information provided in each of the boxes below

5 Days of Tuition

Fee £1420 GBP

- Each day is a 6 hour session or equivalent

- Vat is not applicable to the tuition fee

- Currency is GBP

- Your Exam day is 1x additional day to the tuition days


Gem-A Exam & Materials Fee £1030 GBP

- YOU pay this separately to the GEM-A Tutor at the time of your Exam enrolment


- The Exam / Materials fee may be subject to small increases by Gem-A on occasion.


mond Grading Practical 

5 Day Course
1-Day Exam
Course Location

Course TUITION  takes place at the Gemmology training centre of Gemmologist and tutor Kate,  which is in Coventry near to Birmingham International Railway Station.

BUT but your Exam must take place at a certified Gem-A Examination Centre.

See below for further information


Kate H Professional Gemmologist & tutor at The Bespoke Jewellery Training Co

Your tutor is Gemmologist Kate H



She is a professional Gemmologist accredited by the Gem-A to teach their Diploma courses.



The Tutor is a certified trainer for the Gem-A, who will use sets of "Training stones" for your tuition which are of and exceed the quality of stones required to deliver the Course to Gem-A syllabus standards.

Training Materials (Student) 

The Gem-A provides each student with a set of Course Materials* which are for example :


A zipped wallet containing: a pair of stone tongs, a 10x loupe, a cleaning cloth, a UV torch with batteries, a Diamond Probe with batteries, a plastic diamond shape template.

*The tutor will order materials for you and the cost is included as part of your Gem-A Exam & Materials Fee.


As these items are provided by Gem-A. note that it is possible that the items provided may differ from those listed above.

(Gem-A) Location

Course Tuition Dates MUST coincide with the Gem-A Exam exam dates as follows:

a) Gem-A headquarters in London: Enrolment is October for the January Exam and Enrolment is March for the June Exam.

b) School of Jewellery Birmingham:

 Dates to be advised .

Your Exam MUST take place at a certified Gem-A Examination Centre.


Tutor Kate will make an enquiry as to exam place availability.


Your place is not guaranteed at every Exam Centre because if insufficient students book an exam place then the Gem-A may cancel exams at that centre (e.g. January at the School of Jewellery Birmingham) and advise your must take your exam at Gem-A in London. 


This course can only proceed with the approval of the GEM-A

(Gemmological Association of Great Britain)

If you wish to proceed with this course the tutor Kate H will make enquires as to the available dates and permission to run your course.

Once a course date has been confirmed a payment of the course TUITION FEE in full is required.

If  the Gem-A  need to cancel the Exam part of your course due to unforeseen circumstances they will most likely offer you an alternative exam date or centre.


Booking Terms

Due to stringent terms applied by the Gem-A and the complex course arrangements there is a cancellation fee 


TUITION Course Cancellation Fee £300

This will be deducted from your tuition refund if you have paid and you then cancel your course, up to 14 days before the start of your course tuition.

No partial or full refund is available once the course has started.

Gem-A Registration/Exam Fee

You pay this fee direct to the Gem-A  with tutor guidance, therefore the Gem-A determine if a refund is possible or not if you cancel your exam place after enrolment. Registration fees are not refundable.

How to Book



1. Email and make and initial enquiry

2. Speak with the tutor to determine if the course is suitable for you.

3. Pay the Gem-A Course Registration Fee with tutor guidance.

4. Pay us the tuition fee in advance of your tuition commencement date.


Payment for your TUITION FEE is required in advance .


You must pay by BACS

You will receive an invoice for the tuition fee advising of all the details.

There is a course cancellation fee applicable so you should make sure you can attend the tuition and exam dates BEFORE booking.

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If you haven't found the information you are looking for or you want to ask a question about a course please make an email enquiry.

Before enrolment we arrange for students to speak to the Gemmology tutor to ensure the course content is suitable for their training needs.


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