Marianne A

Goldsmith & Contemporary Jeweller

Areas of expertise 
  • Traditionally Jewellery Making Techniques in precious metals

  • Decorative techniques such as etching, patination, texturing

  • Stonesetting : Rub over bezel settings, faceted stones, tube & claw settings

  • Hand-Finishing / Polishing

  • Mixed Metals

  • Design

  • Experienced tutor



Acclaimed British jewellery designer Marianne A graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2003 with a First Class Honours Degree in Jewellery Design. Since then, she has developed her exquisite jewellery from her studio in Glasgow, Scotland.



Winning awards and exhibiting in prestigious exhibitions across the UK, Europe and America has helped Marianne carve out a successful reputation as a contemporary Jeweller and she is recognised as one of Britain’s leading Jewellery Designers by the esteemed Goldsmiths Company in London. Marianne’s jewellery has also been included in several prestigious publications including  Ars Ornata Europeana Exhibition Catalogue,  (Flow) Exhibition Catalogue (Schmuck) and Metalsmith Exhibition In Print (SNAG).



Marianne’s jewellery collections are handmade in small batches or as one-off pieces, mainly working within a restrained palette of oxidised silver, 18ct gold, red garnets and white pearls, her current designs are inspired by traditional decorative forms found in architectural features. Her work is exhibited and sold nationally and internationally through galleries, exhibitions and on-line.



Marianne enjoys passing on her making skills, she has extensive teaching and lecturing experience including as a 'visiting lecturer' currently at The Glasgow School of Art, along with teaching at her studio in central Glasgow.




Central Glasgow

Learn from Marianne 

Images with kind permission of tutor Marianne A. All rights reserved

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