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Jo T / Contemporary Designer & Goldsmith

Areas of expertise 
  • Jewellery Fine Techniques

  • Intricate soldering

  • Metal model/master making

  • Hand finishing

  • Product Development

  • Marketing / Branding / London Jewellery Retail Trade



Jo is an award winning Goldsmith and Jeweller who has a BA in Jewellery Design, Silversmithing & Allied Crafts, who is recognised as a leading designer by Goldsmiths Hall in London, where she has also exhibited.


Following ten years of working in the jewellery industry, making for designers such as Reema Pachachi and Vivien Westwood, she began her own jewellery business in 2005, when both Liberty and Selfridges took her first collections. Her in-depth knowledge of the London Jewellery Trade includes an extensive list of London trade contacts; potential stockists; useful shows/events and press contacts and a good understanding of pricing for the UK market.


Jo is also an alumna of the 'Crafted' programme from Walpole British Luxury, following a year of mentoring from Annoushka Ducas MBE and her work was recently exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, as part of 'Crafted: Makers of the Exceptional' sponsored by Vacheron Constantin, and is sold worldwide.


Jo has an extensive knowledge of jewellery making processes, working mainly in gold, silver and gemstones, who also specialises creating fine contemporary hairpins and tiaras.


Intricate soldering, model/master making (in metal) and hand finishing are particular skills, as is taking an idea through to a finished product. She also has an in depth knowledge of the London jewellery retail and trade.


Central London

Images copyright the tutor and  Photographer Sylvan Deleu

Learn from Jo 

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