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Website Customer Relations 

Is your website giving your customers the right impression?

On first click your website has about 10 seconds to provide a 
GOOD or BAD impression
- Not much time to get to your good stuff.
Creative website_Client friendly review


Did you know    one of the key factors that can influence a sales decison is called    Authority.



Your proven technical ability

Your experience 

Your training



Your story

Your professionalism

Appeal/ Empathy factor

And there are lots of other useful tips and insights I have gathered over my 30 years experience working in a variety of customer relations roles in creative and commercial industries


Ask ME to make an independant review of your creative business website

I'm a creative business development consultant.


I create and arrange high quality skill based and jewellery business courses for anyone working in the Jewellery Industry.


I'm involved in projects that help young creative makers improve their business enterprise skills.

I have had almost 30 years experience working in Customer Service and Retail.

I have experience of building relations and loyalty with clients nationally and internationally.


I run my own successful creative business.

 4 Important reasons why can I help you

Target client?


I might just fall into the category as one of your target clients.


...That could be useful insight for you.

I'm a Designer Maker


I trained as a Silversmith and I now make Jewellery.

Just think...


After helping makers with business enterprise skills it became apparent to me that many designers regardless of their industry experience prefer to create their own website because this gives them complete artistic control over the process.


There is a danger that a beautiful website may not be a practical website for business
- Or even worse, could your website reflect negatively on your profile as a maker?



Now to be clear I'm not a website designer or expert, but I have built 2 websites in as many years for my own businesses and I have a huge amount of experience in dealing with customers expectations. By combining both these areas of expertise  I'm uniquely able to provide some valuable insight that could help you create a solid foundation from which you can promote your work.


Having a great customer friendly website will reflect on your professionalism and add to your credibility.

Customer Friendly Review Service

I'll fully review all of your web pages and email you my suggestions for changes you can make to your website that will present yourself in the best possible light.


My recommendations will help you do all you can to keep your customers focused on wanting to buy from you. 


My report will advise of my first impressions, then I'll be looking at your website layout and how your credibility, expertise, story and images are managed, and as a whole how you get your creative story across.


I'll also provide you with my facts sheet full of helpful hints and tips about appealing to and dealing with customers expectations.


You won't get a search engine optimisation quick fix but some of the website content suggestions I make could help you become a more pro-active rich content website which is an important factor to Google when it considers its rankings. 


How long will my review take?

About 1 week or sooner


How do I pay?

Payment is via a link to securely pay by PayPal, I will send you a link to pay upon receipt of your order.


How do I order my website review?

Simply email your request to me at



Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions before ordering your review report.

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