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Helen D / Retail Jewellery Consultant

Areas of expertise 
  • Sales Training Innovation & Staff Performance

  • Client Experience

  • Selling & Brand Narrative

  • Business Transformation / Organisational Change

  • Product Knowledge / Gemmologist

Helen D; Retail Jewellery Consultant

BA (Hons), FGA, DGA, RJ (man) Dip

Image:  Copyright The tutor Helen D , all rights reserved


Helen is a highly regarded and renowned jewellery specialist with over 20 year’s industry experience who regularly uses her knowledge to offer expert advice and consultation services to Jewellery business owners, designers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Helen started her career as an auction house jewellery specialist, and then moved to Bentley and Skinner in Bond Street, London before progressing to a key management role at Tiffany & Co.

Following a successful tenure in an executive national role for The Company of Master Jewellers, she went on to develop the hugely successful signature-cut diamond brand Mastercut, achieving double then triple digit growth.

Green & Benz - In 2012, Helen completed a management buyout of Independent retailer Green & Benz. Recognised for her inspirational leadership, Helen oversaw and personally nurtured the staff’s training and performance development, winning a string of awards and industry accolades in the process.

As an outstanding communicator, Helen has a proven ability to build compelling brand narratives and create dynamic cultural and organisational change. Her business acumen is widely recognised and she regularly facilitates cross-sector liaisons and introductions, using her knowledge and connections to bridge the gap between the commercial and technical sides of Jewellery business across all levels of the industry.

Course / Consultancy Options
  • ONLINE| Interactive  Private Tuition Courses

  • IN-HOUSE| Visiting Consultant

  • ONSITE| Tutor Location: Lancashire


Learn from Helen

To check Helen's availability and to obtain a quote or information about tuition with her, email:

Dawn Meaden-Johnson at

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