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How to Value Coloured Gemstones

1-Day Course | Private Tuition

This course has been designed and is delivered by an accredited professional Jewellery Valuer who is willing to share his expertise and trade secrets with you.


Course Description

1-Day How to Value Coloured Gemstones

This practical course has been specially designed to introduce and inform professional practise on the methodology required to value and appraise coloured gemstones.

During the learning process you will handle a basic set of gemstones and with step-by-step tutor guidance, use standard gemmological equipment to review them, then assess price guides in order to evaluate them.

The emphasis of the first part of the course is learning simple identification methods using basic gemmology equipment on a wide variety gemstones familiar to a Jewellery Valuer, this also includes some useful identification tips of the trade for Valuer's working out of office.

Amethyst, coloured gemstone evaluation
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The second part of the course day starts with a presentation on coloured gem grading methodology and how price guides are used for valuation. With tutor guidance, students will then use all the identification, grading and pricing methods learned to practise the valuation methodology on Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald gem material.


Students are encouraged to bring in a piece of coloured stone jewellery to use as part of their course tuition practice.

  • Course content provides useful essential information to anyone who needs to understand how to value Coloured Gemstone Jewellery and learn more about it.


  • Course notes and a course certificate will be provided and you will have the opportunity to compile working notes which will be explained, practiced and used on all valuations.


- This course presumes no previous gemmology, jewellery retail or jewellery buying experience. If you need more advanced contact please contact us and we can arrange to tailor the course relevant to attendee experience.

This course does not include Synthetic gemstones – This is covered in a separate course, see below for details.

Please note:

This is not a Gemmology course. The course content has been designed and is delivered by an accredited professional Jewellery Valuer, specifically to assist those working in Jewellery Valuation.

If you need to learn Gemmological Coloured Gemstone identification methods please refer to our Gemmology Course series.

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Tutor Options

All tutors work as professional jewellers, Goldsmiths, Designers or are Jewellery Industry specialists who are willing to share their expertise and trade secrets with you.

Course Type and/or

Workshop Location

Tutors & Course Fee

Tutor Experience

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter


David B

Accredited Jewellery Valuation Expert

Course Fee: Upon request

Additional Course Information

What is the course date?

About the Course Fee

About Equipment/Materials

The course date is arranged to suit you so that you can undertake a tuition session at your convenience.


All dates / times of course sessions are subject to tutor availability.

Start time are generally 10am GMT London Time but this can be adjusted slightly to suit.

This course is delivered by an accredited  Jewellery Valuation professional and expert and a large portion of the course fee  is paid to them and the course fee therefore reflects this expertise.


Course fee payment is required in advanced by BACS Bank Transfer invoice.

​Vat is not applicable

Standard Gemmology Equipment and Gem materials for evaluation and appraisal are provided by the tutor.





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  • Advise your details on the form provided.

  • At this stage this is just an enquiry with no obligation to book. We understand you need all the information before making a decision.

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Booking Information

Payment Terms

Payment is required in advance and payments are handled safely and securely by BACS Bank Transfer invoicing.


Some courses are available to pay in instalments, whereby a non-refundable deposit is required to book your course date. Please ask for details if this is of interest to you.


Booking Terms

  • Once you have booked a cancellation fee of £150*  will be deducted from your refund if you cancel your course up to and including 14 days prior to the start of the course once your payment has been received.


  • Cancellations received within 14 days of the course date are not eligible for a refund, however you may re-arrange your course for one other date if you wish. 


  • Should we need to cancel your course due to unforeseen circumstances we will refund your course fee in full.

* Amount is variable depending on the duration and type of the course.  When you enquire, our quote reply will provide the actual cancellation amount applicable. £150 applies to a standard one day (6 hours) Valuation course.


If you haven't found the information you are looking for or you want to ask a question about a course please make an enquiry.
Or you may text  a question to Dawn on 07703 287640
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